This weeks “Dear David” comes from a guy called Rick. He’s run into a very common situation some guys struggle with. How to impress a woman when she’s with her friends.

If you’re intimidated when you’re in a group of people, pay attention to this post. Here’s what Rick says…

“Ok David,

See what you can do with this one. A woman I’ve liked for a while, Gemma, had invited me out to a bar after work. We work in different offices in the same building. She says she’s having a quiet night with a couple of friends and we should hang out.

Anyway, along with Gemma, was going to be her friend and fellow office worker Jane, and John who is a supervisor at the company.

I show up and it’s almost impossible to break the camaraderie between them. I sit on the end watching them like an idiot. John, the supervisor, had a wedding ring on so he wasn’t a threat but didn’t say much to me, and Jane the friend only spoke to me a little bit.

I felt like my entire evening was a waste. Maybe it was my fault for sitting at the end of the group away from Gemma, but what did I do wrong in this scenario?

I couldn’t break through John the supervisor at all, even though I have much more to offer. He bossed the conversation, and I felt invisible. This happens a lot to me. Any tips?”

David Says…

This happens to a lot of guys, so it’s easy to fix. Join in the group conversation and have fun!

It’s not about trying to pull her away from her friends. It’s about hanging out as a group and enjoying yourself. Women like a guy who can be confident, especially among a group of her friends. This kind of scenario is great, because it gives you a chance to show her how you hang with others.

Believe me, when you’re good with her friends it creates attraction.

It’s not about the need to pull her away mentally from her friends. That’s where so many guys go wrong.

Just hang calmly with the group, and you show her who you are, and how others react to you. Then when the group breaks up you can pull her away, or leave her with a powerful impression of you.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to get a woman on her own. Being a strong, confident, member of a group can be extremely powerful and attractive to a woman.

Hope that helps!