Erotic Massage by David Wygant

Today we have a great video that really teaches you how to challenge her mind so she becomes instantly attracted to you.

But first for the ladies.

A how to guide to give a man an erotic massage.

There is nothing hotter than giving your partner a massage. Taking the time out to learn every curve in their body, every muscle that they have…

Get some good massage oil – go to a local store and get some really good massage oil, and start rubbing your partner’s body from head to toe. Explore every little nook and cranny – take the time to really give the massage.

You know what the hottest massage is? The hottest massage is one that someone gave me one time, and it’s an extremely hot massage. I’m here right now with a very sexy woman that we call Officer Naughty, and she’s going to describe this incredible massage that you need to give a woman.

For the women in the audience – when you’re dating somebody, this is also the massage that you need to give a guy! Not only that, guys – if you ever get this massage, it’s so hot, it’s incredible.

I’m going to have Officer Naughty describe this massage, the massage that will just beg you and give you the time of your life. Describe the massage, please.

Officer Naughty: Well, first you start off with your partner on their stomach. I like to drip some massage oil on their body – and if you don’t have massage oil, you can always use lotion, but I suggest massage oil – just start massaging with your hands, just like a regular massage.

But what’s different about this massage is that I like to call it a “real” full body massage – of course, you have to be naked – both of you. You lather up your partner with oil, and then you slither all over his body with your entire body. So, he would be lying down on the bed, and I would be perpendicular to him, and rubbing my ass sort of all the way over his stomach, and my back would continue to massage him. So basically you’re just rolling all over his entire body with your own body.

You don’t have to stay on your one side – I like to roll all over in every direction.

David: It’s a very, very hot massage – I have to tell you. It kind of blows you away.

It’s just a very intense thing – her whole body is over your entire body – you can feel her ass as it glides over your whole body. And you can catch a glimpse of her doing it to you, which is really erotic and sexy.

Officer Naughty: Yeah, I use my feet to massage, parts of the back of my legs, my elbows, my shoulders, my entire arm. I use my neck to massage down his leg, or I’ll use my breasts when I turn him over to rub all over his stomach and chest, his face, his arms – it’s really hot.

David: It’s a full body experience, and that’s the way you end your perfect day – with all different stages.

But that’s the perfect massage. And this perfect massage is just so sexy every time it happens.

Officer Naughty: It turned me on, severely, when I just gave it to you!

David: So every woman should try that. I know that sometimes the women feel ignored in the blogs, but everything I write and do, you can role-reverse it!

Officer Naughty: Yeah, it’s very erotic and hot, and I felt so sexy while I was doing it – I saw how much you were turned on by it, and also it just look hot. I kept thinking, god, I wish I could watch this right now – where the hell is the video camera or the mirror?

David: See guys, this is how erotic women think – you just have to unleash it! Once you unleash it, forget about it! It’s just hot.

And women, you have to unleash your sexual energy and sexual power as well!

Officer Naughty: You have to! You have no idea what you are missing out on if you don’t – it’s ridiculous!

David: And you have to have fun. Too many of you don’t have fun. You have to have fun. Our bodies are fun to play with! It’s fun to play.

Play with each other on a Sunday, and give each other this type of massage. Call it my No Holds Barred Massage – NHBM! I know a lot of you like the initials…

Officer Naughty: I like calling it the Real Full Body Massage, because I’m using my full body to massage your full body.

David: It’s a no holds barred massage – it’s a new term.

Officer Naughty: How about holding on to everything?

David: Yeah, you can hold on to everything! It’s a lot of fun.

What you need to do is learn the power and the art and the seduction of the Real Full Body No Hold Barred Massage.

Todays video is all about challenging her with your words. No more wimpy men allowed.
If you think David Deangelos Cocky Funny is powerful…..just wait and see what I have in store for you.

Turn her on with your words and you will get the above erotic massage.

I go over all of this in great detail in my mens mastery series. Click here for more details.