By the Foxy Blonde

The other day Foxy emailed me and just could not deal with the lack of comments on her last posting so…..I being the nice guy that I am decided to give her one last chance to intrigue all of your minds!!

Lets get behind her on this one and have some fun.

Guys, imagine this: A major babe is vibing you. You finally lure her back to your place, but after a half hour of swapping spit on the couch, she hits the road before you can close the deal. Was your tongue twirling in the wrong direction? Did you squeeze her boobs too hard, or not hard enough? Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe it was your apartment.

A girl likes to feel at home in your place. If the bathroom’s filthy, the living room’s freezing, and the bedroom’s best features are your still-stanky hockey pads and your Sponge Bob Squarepants sheets, she’s not going to stick around long enough for you to see her “O” face. But never fear, Foxy Blonde is here. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll turn your bachelor pad into a girl trap.

Let’s start in the bathroom. Not only do we ladies spend far more time in here than you do – we also sit down when we pee. That means your bathroom needs to be clean and well-stocked. Think more Ritz Carlton, less Greyhound Bus.

Must Haves:
Toilet paper – Girls don’t like to drip dry.
Shampoo AND Conditioner – You may have a shaved head, but unless you’re dating Sinead O’Connor, she probably doesn’t. And as scary as it is to be away from our arsenal of hair care products, anything that will help get a comb through our bed-head the morning after is much appreciated.
Clean towels – The more plush and appealing they are, the more time we’ll spend lounging around with one draped around our hips, instead of putting our clothes back on.

Bonus Points: A spare toothbrush, contact lens solution.

Overkill: Tampons, scrunchies, lip gloss. You’re a guy, not a salon.

Let’s move on to the bedroom. (That’s what she said.) This is where the magic happens, but you don’t need a rabbit in your hat, just a little sexual fung shui.

Must Haves:
Fresh, soft sheets – It’s one thing to sleep with multiple women – it’s another thing to leave the evidence for us to find. Eiwww. Keep it clean, boys.
Good lighting – Using a dimmer, candles, or 3-way bulbs, you should be able to create a happy medium between so dark you can’t enjoy the view and so bright she’s too distracted by cellulite panic to give you the pleasure you deserve.
Condoms – Nothing kills the mood like a drive to the all-night drugstore.
Nightstand on “Her” side – Good for supporting a liquid refreshment so she can stay hydrated. Got anything against a moist mouth? I didn’t think so.

Bonus Points:
A headboard is convenient for grabbing onto, or for light bondage. An armless chair is a nice alternative for girl-on-top action. And a tube of lube – you know, for round three.

A sex swing (too presumptuous, and what would you tell your mother?). A vibrator that you didn’t buy with/for her. Friends don’t let friends share sex toys.

Trust the blonde, boys. If she enjoys coming over to your place, you’ll get a lot more of those booty calls you like so much. Ladies, I’d like to hear from you. What turns you on and off about a man’s abode?

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