How many of you go out and get phone numbers?

A lot of you feel really good and validated when you get a phone number, like it’s a conquest or you won the lottery. You get excited. You tell your friends. You jump up and down, like you’re Ray Lewis before a Raven’s game. You got her number. Then you text her, or you call her and… crickets.

Happens all the time to a lot of men out there. They get a phone number, and they think they’ve got it made and then the girl flakes, or doesn’t call them back, and they never know why.  Today, I’m going to share with you why. Life is about connecting. It’s all about, making a connection, having her feel something.

Today I’m going to show you how to get a phone number and make her call you back.  These days, you don’t know whether to text, or to call.  You call, but you don’t leave a message. You expect her to maybe call back.  You text her but the text isn’t good.  Then she doesn’t call you back.  It’s frustrating.  But, if you can create some type of emotional connection to her, she’ll call you back quickly. She’ll text you back fast.

That’s what women crave and it’s what most men don’t understand. It’s about the emotional connection.  Today’s video is going to explore that. It’s going to help you understand the dynamic women are looking for. They’re not looking to be played, they want to be understood.  They’re not looking to find a guy that’s perfect, they’re look for a guy who understands them. Watch this.