At the end of a date, how comfortable are you touching the woman you’re with?

In fact… let’s smash this wide open… how comfortable are you touching a woman DURING a date?

Are you able to reach over the table and touch her hand?

Are you able to look inside her eyes and touch her hand at the same time?

How do you feel about giving her a kiss? How comfortable are you hugging?

To get a woman to release the love hormone, oxytocin, and really get connected to you, you’re going to have to touch her on a date. In fact, the guys who never touch a woman are usually guys that get stuck in the friend zone.  I’ve seen it so many times and experienced it myself.

When I was younger, I was afraid of touching a woman too much on a date, or giving her a hug or a kiss at the end of the date. I got kind of shy. And I gave off signals that I wasn’t interested in her.

I’ve got this friend of mine, that the second he meets a woman, he hugs them instantly, and I watch their eyes light up.  I have another friend who’s constantly touching a woman’s shoulder when he first starts talking to her. The art of physically touching a woman is really the art of releasing the love drug — oxytocin.

The more you touch them, and I’m talking about casual touching, the more they’re going to become interested in you because they’re going to know you’re a confident, secure man. Touch is so important, and it’s so hard for so many guys to implement into their routine of meeting women.

So today with the help of my good friend Melanie, I teach you guys how to touch.

We’ll show you simple little things that you can do during your date, to connect when you first meet a woman, and not make her feel creepy. She needs to feel safe when you touch her. Safe and secure. She needs to feel she’s in the presence of a real man.  She needs to feel attracted to you and she needs to know that you’re attracted to her.

So we’re going to go through touching, slow, simple things that you can implement when you’re out with women, and we’ll get women to look at you differently than ever before.

Let’s face it. Without physical touch, you’re not going to be able to release that oxytocin in her, and when you release that oxytocin, she’s going to want to be with you as more than just a friend.  It’s an absolutely beautiful thing to get comfortable with touch. We all need touch.  And without touch, you’re not getting laid.