I love when I get questions from all of you. I actually want to get as many questions as possible from you. I’m writing blogs every single day. I write four blogs a day, so if you want I can keep answering questions in the blog. I mean, this is what makes my job a lot of fun.

I received an email from a woman who wanted to know how to get a guy to chase her. Chase – interesting.

I hate chasing women. I always hated chasing women. I thought it was such a waste of time. I really did. Either a woman is interested or she isn’t.

Even in college, women wanted me to chase. I got bored really quickly.

Granted, I’d ask her out. We’d hang out. We’d have a good time. I’d call her back. She would call me back. We’d get together again. We wouldn’t sleep together for a little while. You know, I’ve got to earn it (or build the trust). Whatever.

That, to me, is the version of chasing that I enjoy. It’s like a tennis game. It’s a volley. I like you. You like me. I call you. You call me back.

What I don’t like, and I disagree with, is the whole “I call you and you don’t call me back for three days” thing. A lot of women thing that by playing hard to get, that a man is going to want them more.

In reality, though, the only kind of guy who likes a woman who plays hard to get is the one who only is interested in sleeping with you. It’s a conquest for him.

I know in my 20s — in my “hound dog” stage of my life — that I loved when women played hard to get and would ignore me. I really did. It was fun when they ignored me.

I’d run into them a month later and say, “Man, are we ever going to hook up and go out?” I would just play the game right along with them.

After a while, I found the game to be such a waste of time. There are so many great people out there who don’t want to play games.

I think the majority of people don’t want to play games. So if you want a guy to chase you — if you want to play games — then you’re really just wasting your time.

The best thing to do is hand a guy your phone number and say, “Give me a call.” If he doesn’t call you, then your reaction should be “next!’

The best thing to do when a guy calls you to go out on a date, is call him back within 24 hours. Call him once. Don’t call a guy six times.

Call each other once. If the other person doesn’t call you back, then move on.

Really, stop playing all the games. Games are boring.

If you want to play a game, go play softball or tennis. Games are such a waste of time.

Here’s the deal: men don’t want to play games.

We don’t want to play by “the rules”.

What you need to understand as a woman, is the power of the chase. And most women – I think 95% of women – get it 100% wrong all the time.

You want to really understand how to attract a man and get him to chase you?

Are you ready to have men call you instead of you being the one waiting by the phone?

Games are a waste of time.