Texting could be the most important skill at the beginning of a relationship.

Most women are terrible texters, so today, I’m going to show you how to flirt via text.

Say I’m on an online dating site, Tinder, Bumble, Match, whatever it might be. I get excited about somebody. Maybe their picture. Maybe the way they write their profile.

Then she sends me the first text. It says “hi,” with a smiley face.

Wow, I say to myself, is that the best she can do?

A “Hi” with a smiley face?

That just won’t work for me. I wrote a profile, said something funny, and I get a “hi” back, or “how’s your Sunday?”

Women are terrible texters.

I’m not saying men are great either, but something has to give.

Texting is the wave of the now. It used to be the wave of the future. But now, so many times we have conversations that are entirely by text.

We don’t seem to pick up the phone anymore, and granted, that’s definitely something that’s a lost art, but think about this: You’re trying to capture somebody’s attention via text.

Most of the time, the man you’re talking to or flirting with is talking or texting with a few other people. You need to take the opportunity to grab his attention.

So how do you become a better texter?

How do you start flirting better via text?

It’s pretty simple.

You gather the information you have and make some type of comment on it. Especially when you’re first texting on an online site. You’ve learned something about them, so ask a question.

Be curious about them. Every man likes to talk about himself.

Every man wants a woman who’s curious about him. Every man wants somebody who’s interested.

The texting is to get somebody’s attention.

Be playful.

Recently, a friend of mine was flirting with a woman. She thought he looked like Santa Claus. No kidding. He had a little red beard.

She said Santa, I’m feeling very naughty today. What are you going to do about my naughtiness? Because there is some niceness to me, too.

I don’t know the exact text, but it was something like that.

See the difference compared to “hi”?

The quicker you have something fun, you can start texting about it.texting

A friend recently texted a woman on Tinder.

She wanted to find her partner in crime.

He texted back, and said, A partner in crime? What’s going to be our first crime together?

She texted back and said getting into a speeding car and driving up the coast.

So it started to get playful.

Texting is being flirty. Texting is being playful. Texting is not saying hi, how’s the weather?

Think about texting as a conversation that you would have with somebody in person. Try to imagine that person is in front of you and text them as you would speak to them.

You’re not going to say to somebody, “Hi, how’s your Sunday”, and that’s about it.

Today’s video goes deep into how to flirt via text.

Check it out.