We hear this all the time, we must get out of our heads and get into our heart space.

We have visual images of what a heart looks like. It’s this shape that we draw out on paper. We can stick an arrow on one side and say we’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow.

But if you look at a real heart, it doesn’t look anything like the symbol that has been sketched out for generations and generations.

We’re told that we feel from our heart, when we really feel something. In reality, our heart is just an organ in our body. It pumps the blood. It is one of the many life forces in our body.

Without a heart, we wouldn’t be alive.

Without a liver, we wouldn’t be alive, but we never say “I feel through my liver.”

We never say “I met somebody, God, I really feel them in my lungs.”

We like to create ways to make things sound better. It sounds a lot better when we say, we fell in love and someone captured our heart.

It sounds better than saying we fell in love through our brain. Our brain feels like we control love. Our heart flutters and beats, and we have no control over how it beats, or who we fall for.

But really, we fall in love through our minds, through the words and the actions of the people we meet. It’s our mind

that expands and creates what we call a heart space.heart-512x512

Your mind is extremely powerful.

We fall in love through our mind all the time. When we really fall in love, we call it our heart.

But really our heart is not saying anything. Our heart is just beating. 72 beats per minute, or whatever your heart rate is.

It is our mind that’s expanding.

When we fall in love, we’re allowing our mind to lose control. We’re allowing our mind to open up our emotional center.

We are allowing our mind to no longer over think things. We fall in love through actions and words that our heart, buried in our chest, never sees.

As human beings, we like to call it our heart, because it sounds so more romantic than falling in love with an open, non-egotistical mind.

Imagine you look at somebody and say to them – you really have gotten through to my non-egotistical, open mind, and I can feel you in every pore of my body.

That doesn’t sound as romantic as – my heart is ever expanding in your presence. I feel like I’m losing control. I can’t control the way my heart feels.

We have no control over our feelings because when we control our feelings, nothing falls in love. Not the heart, not the lungs, not the toes, not the liver, and not the stomach.

We like to dramatize things.

We’ve been writing about love for centuries, and it’s always about the heart, and feelings. We’ve given it a name. Instead of saying what it really is, an expansive mind that no longer allows the ego to control it.

Love happens when you have an expansive mind that allows feelings to penetrate.

An expansive mind that doesn’t judge the things you say, that doesn’t hold an outcome to the connection you’re feeling in the moment.

Allow your mind to wander and to explore and to know that you are falling in love.

Call it what you will. Call it a heart, feeling somebody through your toes, whatever. It’s really you, letting go of control of your powerful mind and allowing the beauty of another person to enter your being, your soul.

We like to make things sound more romantic, but in reality the art of falling in love is beautiful and romantic in itself.

It’s why we’re here. It’s why we’re reading and doing all the work. It’s why we’re going out and communicating with people and going out on first dates.

We want to feel free.

That, to me, is an open, loving, freeing, non-egotistical mind.