A couple months ago, I did a shoot in my apartment for a magazine.

It was a lot of fun.

An actor from the TV show Glee came by and they dressed him up in some cool clothes.

Photographers, stylists, art directors, designers—it was a blast.

And there was this one guy’s line of clothes that really stood out to me.

So I decided, as a bonus for you guys today, I was going to interview him so you could learn a little bit about fashion from an expert.

His name is Ninh Nguyen and he runs a company called Ninh Collections.


I asked him a few quick questions about how men should dress and what they should wear.

Here’s what he said:

How can a guy who has no fashion sense get a fast makeover and look great?

Fashion has always been a woman’s realm. But nowadays men are starting to dress up, to buy their own clothes, and to take care of the way they look and feel. For someone that has no fashion sense or has no interest in clothes, I have two styles that can make a man feel good about his appearance. First, you can look like Marlon Brando in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire, where he wears a simple white undershirt with a pair of jeans.

For a modern touch, I’d rock a nice pair of comfortable fitted denims with a slim fit v-neck tee. Make sure the undershirt is not cheap looking. There are plenty of brands out there that are making super comfortable, stretchy, fitted undershirts that may cost up to five times the one you’re wearing to bed! Second, you can easily look like a Wall Street businessman with a blue woven button-down dress shirt (in a contrasting white collar), some nice pinstripe slim grey pants, and perhaps a bow-tie, a necktie, or suspenders to tie in the look. Finally, don’t forget to top these outfits with a great haircut, some jewelry (watch, necklace, or ring), and perhaps mix and match with some colorful laces. Cheers to dressing up like a Ken Barbie doll.

What is the 3 key wardrobe essentials that every guy needs?

Every guy should have these available at all times: a black v-neck, a white dress shirt, and a blue (preferably sky blue) dress shirt. They are key elements in a man’s wardrobe, and can be paired with all types of shoes, worn under many different colored jackets and blazers, and for any occasions.

How should a short fit a man?

Lately, I have seen more straight men wear shorts as short as a few inches above their knees. Shorts should fit nice and snug, right at the hips. Shorts should not be too large to where half of your boxers will be shown. They shouldn’t be too long because then they’d be called capris. And your butt cheek shouldn’t be hanging out, if so, your shorts are definitely too short!

How should pants fit a man?

Pants should also fit right at the hip; not too baggy and not too tight. You need room for your jingles to breathe. Purchase jeans that have a very small percentage of Elastane for stretch and comfort. You don’t want jeans made out of 100% cotton denim because the fabric will be too sturdy without any stretch when you bend your knees.

If a man only has one pair of shoes what do you think they should be to give him that super cool edgy look?

I’m the type of person that most often times always wears dress shoes. Whether they’d be oxfords, wingtips, suede, leather, or whatever the style or material may be, it’s a pair of dress shoes. To me, they can be worn with shorts, jeans, and pants. They will also give the man that extra height, as well as the leverage over sneakers. Although, kicks can be worn with everything as well, they are too casual. One quote that I live by is “If you’re overdressed, you feel ridiculous. If you’re under-dressed, you are ridiculous.”

I think these will be fun and one more:

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What inspires you to create men’s fashion?

My design philosophy is inspired by British tailoring and European fit, with Asian influence. I like to focus on little details that will improve a man’s style to complement his image, stand out with confidence, and receive compliments. There’s always been a strong military influence in my designs which translates well in my collection.

. . .

Thanks and have a great weekend!