Having your own sense of style and dressing great if you want to meet women is really important.

I want to tell you the story about a guy that recently came to a boot camp. He was in decent shape. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy. He was probably better than average. But the way he dressed turned women off from the get go.

Most of his clothes were so old I swore his mother bought them for him when he was in high school. Things were stretched out and didn’t fit. His T-shirts he said he got free at work events, and it showed. There’s nothing worse than work event T-shirts. Usually a work event T-shirt comes in one size, extra-large. It’s made to fit nobody except for the guy that spends way too much time at Subway!

It never looks good. It never fits well. But men are so cheap when it comes to dressing, they ruin their chances with women before they even make an approach.

Style is so important guys. Dressing great is vital. I don’t care where you’re from. I don’t care if you live in Oklahoma and you want to dress like a cowboy, if you’re from New York City and you like wearing black all the time, Or you’re in Los Angeles, and you’re into the surfer look.

Wherever you are, you need to take a serious look at the fashion that’s in for your area, because it’s different everywhere. It’s outrageous in Japan, if you’ve ever seen how Japanese men dress. They dress to the nines every single day, colors and fabrics we don’t even get to see in the States.

People in New York City dress much differently than people in Los Angeles.

I can’t tell you what’s the best thing for you personally. It all comes down to where you live.

Whenever I go to Europe, I can’t believe the amount of cargo pants guys still wear. Yet, it seems to be ‘in’. When you go to Austria and Germany, men will be dressed in Abercrombie and Fitch cargo pants and it seems to be the rage.

So here’s a handful of quick tips of how to dress great to meet women, and I’ll go over some more in today’s video.

1. Take a Girl With You

When in doubt, take a hot girl with you to go shopping. She’ll tell you exactly what’s in, what looks great, and what suits you because that’s who we’re dressing for in the first place.

2. Never Trust The Sales Girl

The sales girl is on commission. She’s going to tell you anything and everything. What you want to do is go to the sales girl and get up some sort of a connection with her. You can tell her honestly that you’re looking to change up your fashion.

It’s a great way to practice flirting too, and it’s cool to be reclamation project for her. That way, she’ll give you an opportunity to either buy things or walk away.

3. Look at The Dummy

Shops spend thousands, getting experts in to dress their dummies. If you want a well put together outfit that looks good, ask the shop girls to get the outfit the dummy’s wearing for you. It matches, it looks good, and it works together.

First impressions last guys and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. For more great tips on how YOU can have great style without spending a fortune. Check out today’s video.