How many of you want or desire a different version of who you are?

What are the things you want to change about yourself? What are some of the things that you think that if you change, you’ll become happier, wiser, smarter?

Here’s a trick that I’ve been doing my entire life.

A lot of people talk about what they want their outcome to be. I want to have a great relationship.

I want to get this new job and make more money.

I want that beach body by the summer.

And a lot of people set goals that way. And the old way of setting goals is to say that’s the goal, and start doing it.

But we all know what a lot of the times: once you start doing it, you stop.

And you start.

Then you stop.

Then you start.

Then you stop.

Then you start.

So we all know that that doesn’t work.

The reason why is because you’re so focused on what you want the outcome to be.

And when you focus on what you want the outcome to be, you are not seeing the greater picture.

The reason why so many people can’t make changes is that they don’t develop themselves along the way.

In order to make massive changes in your life, you need to create a story that you’re living into.

A new story.

Not an old story with the reasons why you’re not working out.

Not an old story with the reasons why you’re not eating healthy.

Or whatever it might be. You have to create a new story. And creating a new story means that every single day, you’re writing the version, the character, of who you’re going to be.

I’ll give you an example.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life.

In my early 20s, I was David Wygant, the bartender/actor.

I was playing a character, a role. I was a working bartender and a struggling actor in New York City. That’s what my identity was, and that was the story that I was living into every single day.

I was journaling about what I wanted.

I was writing down my goals and aspirations.

I was living into the new reality I was trying to create.

I got an opportunity to own a bar, so then I became David Wygant, the bar owner.

I started learning how to run a bar. I started creating this story about David Wygant, the bar owner.

I started talking to people all the time, and I no longer was saying, yeah, I wanted to be an actor, but now I just own this bar. I was like, man, I own this great killer bar. And I started creating what I wanted the bar to be.

I moved to Colorado and I was a real estate investor.

I had a car lot with a friend of mine.

Then I created the dating industry.

Look it up.

I literally was one of the first people to coach, I was the first one to do the bootcamps.

I created it.

And I created it by living into a story.

Every single time I saw somebody, I would tell them exactly who I was becoming.

You don’t think about where you are. You don’t think that you’re almost there. You constantly tweak yourself every single day to get yourself there.

So whenever you meet somebody, you tell them yeah man, I own this art company.

You may not have made a single penny yet, but if you continue to feed the story on a daily basis, what happens is, you have the opportunity to live into that story on a daily basis.

You start becoming that person. If you want to start working out, I’ve got to live into that story every single day.

You’ve got to work out. You’ve got to stop the excuses. You have to stop the reasons why you’re not doing it, no matter if you’re tired. No matter if it’s cold that day. You need to do and go to the gym. You need work on yourself every single day. And on each day you work on yourself, your story becomes more and more developed. And you become more and more powerful in your story.

That’s how it’s done.

That’s how we live into a story.

We’re creating a day-by-day, we’re tweaking a day-by-day.

If you have a setback, you say to yourself, today in my story, I had a setback.

I wasn’t able to get to the gym, the reason being was that I had to work late.

But tomorrow I’m going to wake up first thing in the morning and I’m going to go to the gym.

And you actually get up and you don’t hit the snooze button, and you set your intent, and you live into the story that you’re creating.

Does this make sense?