Do You Value Your Time By David Wygant

Memorial day weekend in LA and it is 54 degrees and raining!!! I love the rain so its a nice break!

Today we have a great video on how to create great first dates.

So you met a man or a woman and you created some instant attraction.

Now what do you do.

Are you going to be a great flirt?

Are you going to stop the monkey chatter and turn off the negative thinking long enough to connect with women.

Are you a woman that has trouble connecting with a man on a first date.

Todays video will help you out….but first you must read todays blog!!

Are you somebody that really values every minute of your day? Do you make a conscious effort to basically respect yourself?

Do you make an effort to make sure you get dressed in the morning, to make sure you eat a good meal for breakfast, to make sure you get a good eight hours of sleep?

Are you somebody who looks forward to certain TV shows, and you make the time for the certain things in your life that are important to you? Maybe you make the time for working out, maybe for getting your favorite cup of coffee in the morning.

Do you make the time for all of the little things in life that you love? Do you make the time for other people? And are you on time?

It’s amazing how many people make the time for the things that they want, but then when they are meeting someone, they are running 30 to 45 minutes late without a phone call or anything. That, to me, shows that you absolutely do not respect the people you are meeting, and you do not respect other people’s time.

If someone commits time to you – if they commit their heart – if they commit their time to you and tell you that they will meet you at a certain time, you’d better show up, and you’d better be on time! They are taking time out of their day to get to know you, and they’re taking time out of their day to hang out with you.

By not showing up on time – whether it’s a date or a business meeting – you’re basically telling somebody that you don’t respect their time. So the next time you’re running 20 minutes late, and you’ve got the thing called a cell phone, use it! Call the person.

As a matter of fact, if you’re running late, call the person an hour ahead of time! You already know that you’re running late – you already know that you’re going through whatever regimen you have that is causing you to be late in the first place.

But don’t make people wait for you without an explanation. Because by the time you actually show up, many times, if it’s a date, you’ve already been ruined – no matter what you do. Especially if it’s a first or second date, when you’re trying to make a good impression on somebody? You’re done.

So next time: check the clock, or just leave a little earlier