creating a great dateCreating the mood when creating a date is important, no matter what stage you’re at in a relationship with somebody. You always want to be able to create that great date.

First off, it connects you back to when you were first romancing them. Everybody needs that. That’s why in marriages and relationships, date night is always an important thing. So how do you create a great date?

You think about what your partner really needs and wants, and well, desires. That’s the first step in creating a great date: you figure out exactly what they need, want and desire. What do they like to do? What’s special to them?

Do they like amusement parks because it reminds them of childhood? Do they like long walks on the beach and a picnic blanket?

I know some of these are cliches, but it’s what makes somebody happy. You may not like having a three course meal and sitting for three hours in a restaurant, but your partner may like that. So just doing that makes them feel special. You may not like to go antiquing or shopping on a Saturday, but they love that. So that could be a date. Doing something for somebody else is a joy.

We do it with our children all the time. We’re always in a joyous mode doing things for our children.

So we should do the same thing for our partners. Write down, make a list of all the things your partner really enjoys. The things that made them feel special.

That’s the first step. Keep that list, keep it in your iPhone. Just in case they hack into your phone one day, they’ll actually see some positive stuff.

And then just set up dates that way. Whatever date night is. Do all those things for them. It’s going to keep the romance alive, but most importantly, it’s going to make them feel really special. It’s going to make them feel super connected. And it’s going to make them feel great.

And that’s what it’s all about. It’s about creating things that makes your partner feel amazing. Because then they’re going to feel like you care. They’re going to feel like that you go the extra distance and they’re not going to sit there and critique you, or rip you apart. And say things like:
We never do this anymore, we never do that anymore. You’re going to avoid some parts of those arguments that come up in relationships.