In today’s tweet obsessed world (case in point: Donald Trump’s election), we sit at our screens and edit the text that we send to people so that we can literally perfect communication.

When we date, everything is done via texting or e-mailing. We don’t even need anybody anymore.

And yet, when you go out and meet somebody you’ve met online — who you’ve never spoken to before — you wonder how they can be so different in person.

You don’t even connect with them when you see them. Where is the great conversationalist that texted you or sent you a e-mail?

This is probably one of the last articles I’ll write on this, but what we learned from this election is that a candidate who can connect to people will get elected.

For the record, I did not vote.

And I don’t care what that does or how that triggers inside your brain or if you think I am un-American or everything else. But I couldn’t get myself to vote.

I wasn’t going to step up to the ballot vote and vote for two people I had zero interest in being my president.

I also knew that the masses were going to vote for somebody that they connected with.

And Hillary did not connect with many people. Granted, I know, that the women are still upset because, you know probably deep down they wanted the first woman president.

I know women feel that Hillary would have been a better president than a misogynist president. I think this is not the right woman president because I prefer a woman president that actually brings back the power of women, meaning the feminine power.

Hillary was extremely masculine. And I find too many women in today’s world extremely masculine. I think women need to go back to being more feminine.

I’m not saying that women need to go back into the kitchen and cook meals and any of that ridiculous stuff. I think women need to get back into their femininity. Because I find that, when I meet a lot of women, I meet women and their masculine with absolutely zero feminine energy. So I will go and sit across from them and feel absolutely nothing, because the last thing I want to do is have dueling penises on a date.

I’m into women that have a strong opinion. I enjoy that. But there is a way to do that in a very feminine way. There is a way to do that with energy.

Anyway, this article is not about that at all. We will talk about bout that another day. A lot more. This is about the lack of connection that people do and have in today’s modern world.

There are people I’ve never even spoken to on my phone. They are just like text buddies. I get bored and I will text them from time to time.

I have no idea what they’re like in-person because I’ve never sat down with them in person. I’ve never talked to them in person. Most people when I meet in person has absolutely zero charisma.

It’s not that they can’t have charisma. It’s not that they don’t have a personality. It’s just that when you spend pretty much the majority of the last eight years hiding behind Facebook…



Texting and e-mails….

How can you possibly connect with people?

E-mail is a one-way conversation. Texting is just throwing words out on the screen. Regardless of how good a conversation is in texting, it never replaces a real conversation. Ever.

Yet, we are a society of people that are afraid to talk and afraid to connect.

I want you to run a social experiment today in your life and I want you to put the comments down below.

I want you to look around and tell me how many people are actually talking to one another. Not the sales clerk talking to the people that are in the store. But actual strangers actually communicating to each other on a daily basis.

You can probably count the number on one hand. It’s getting that low. We hide behind our screens.

So how did Trump win this election via the screen? He Tweeted his way to presidency. His comments were so polarizing that people paid attention to what he had to say and people loved when people are polarizing. They are drawn to that because it’s their alter ego. Everybody out there now wants to be an Internet star or wants to be somebody that’s polarizing. Somebody who has an opinion that people react to, because deep down there’s the fantasy version of so many people out there in this world right now.

We live our fantasy version on the Internet and then we meet people and see who they really are. Be the powerful version of yourself out and about. Not in the Internet world.