catch your manDo you want to know how to catch a man?

Well, it’s not exactly what you think. Just the other day, a friend of mine said something I’ve heard thousands of guys say in the past. “I just don’t understand women!”

Sounds familiar right?

He said, “The other day my girlfriend handed me my phone. Actually, she wasn’t handing me my phone. I caught her looking through the phone. It feels like she’s always looking for something.”

And it’s so true. Women are always looking for a meaning in things. Everything has to mean something. Now before you get all upset, I want you to read every word of this very carefully because it’s going to help you understand how men think.

The majority of women I’ve surveyed admit doing a Google search on a man before they go on a date with him. You’ll meet someone online, arrange a date, and then you’ll Google him. Why? Because you don’t believe the guy you met is what and who he says. So, you Google him to try and catch him. You want to see if he has some kind of jail history. You want to make sure he doesn’t have any financial issues. You want to be sure he isn’t married. You do all this before you’ve even met the guy. Men don’t do this. Ever!

If anything men are more likely to go to Facebook to see if the pictures you have up there are hot.

Men are visual. We look at pictures. We want to feel you’re even hotter than the pictures we’ve seen of you. We don’t Google to see where you were last Friday night. Meanwhile, the woman is there trying to catch men doing something they shouldn’t. You do this through your entire relationships, then wonder why there are trust issues. When you see something “suspicious” you have to find out what it means. My friend told me the other day, his girlfriend had gone nuts because a girl sent him a text with a smiley face!

She gave him the Sherlock Holmes. She interrogated him for 25 minutes.

“What do you mean she’s sending you smiley faces?  Did you ever hook up?”

So what happened?

He told her, “Look, I slept with this girl eight months ago before we even met.”

She was convinced there must be something still going on. He had to defend himself. You feel like everything has a deeper meaning. He slept with her 8 months ago. She sent a smiley face with a message to say “Hi” and find out how he was. He never even messaged her back!

But his girlfriend created this whole story in her mind about what was going on, that he was still fooling around with this girl. She decided he couldn’t be trusted. If you make that mistake with a guy, you end up convincing yourself it’s the truth. Then you continue with the story for the next couple of months until the relationship gets rocky!

It’s funny how men and women are so different.

Stop Googling men.

Stop picking up their phones.

Stop the mistrust.

Stop being a private investigator.

Stop trying to work out his password. I never used to have passwords on my phone or computer until I starting living with my friend Lena. I don’t have anything to hide but I don’t want a woman rifling through my stuff.

When you rifle through people’s things you’re going to find stuff and create a story from it!

Don’t do it to yourself anymore!