I believe all of us are spectacular people.  Flawed but spectacular.  All of us on a daily basis have the opportunity to create whoever we want to be.

We can become whatever we want to become in life.  There’s absolutely no limitation.

The only limitations that we really truly have in life –

– are the limitations that we put on ourselves.

The limitations that stop us from being the most spectacular loving powerful version of ourselves.
So, how do we become the most spectacular, amazing, beautiful person that we are?

I could tell you one of the ways that I did.

And I can’t yet thank somebody who doesn’t even know or even understand because they’re too young to understand that.

My daughter has taught me some of the most valuable beautiful lessons in life.

She taught me how to be a more loving person, she taught me how to be more honest, most open.

She taught me how to be more patient and more aware and more present.

She taught me that this journey in life is not just about myself and my hedonistic self-centered person that I was for a long, long time.  She showed me the beauty of doing things that I would not normally do.

It started with going to the playground, a place that I never really enjoyed.

But the beauty of going to the playground was not about me.  It was about watching her have — it was about watching her enjoy herself, it was about watching her have a good time.  It was about her.

When life is so much about us, the beauty of having a child gives you the opportunity to learn that life is bigger than our little world and our little universe.  She showed me all this stuff and I’m very appreciative for it.

One day when she gets older, I will thank her for the lessons and the journey that she gave me.  It’s beautiful, to be able to grow outside yourself.

And that is what a child does for you.
It shows you how to grow outside yourself, it shows you how to grow outside your world, it shows you how to make sacrifices.
I spoil her more than I spoil myself.  But by spoiling her, it brings me joy.  It brings me jointly to be able to give her the things in life that she deserves to have, and the experiences, clothing, gifts, whatever it might be.  It’s a beautiful thing.
And that’s how I grew more into the spectacular version of me.
How did you grow into the spectacular you?
What journey changed your life?
What journey opened up your eyes?
What journey allowed you to become the best version of you ever?
I’d love to here it.  If you don’t want to post it down below, certainly you can post it and share it in another way.  You can share it by sending me an e-mail because I’d love to hear how you became the most spectacular version of yourself.  Or if you’re not there yet, what you’re doing to make yourself even more spectacular than you truly are right now.