In today’s podcast, I ask a very interesting question. Are you happy? Are you a happy person?

Are you living your life in a way that truly makes you feel good? Are you reaching your full potential, or are you leaving life on the table every single day?

Do you enjoy your work? Are you doing something that fulfils you, or are you just going through the motions?

How about your friends? Do you surround yourself with people who excite and inspire you, or are you constantly fighting off energy vampires?

You see, I believe happiness is subjective. What makes one person happy, won’t make another person happy. What I like, you might hate. But here’s the thing. Whatever it is that makes you happy, for me, the key to true happiness is celebrating the small victories in life. Giving yourself a pat on the back when something’s gone well for you. Allowing yourself to find joy in the little moments in life that make you smile.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beautiful woman smiling at you in the street, or your child grabbing your hand and saying, “I love you.”

The trouble is, most of us get so caught up in “doing stuff” we forget to notice the little things. In this podcast, my friend and coach John talk about happiness, what it means to be happy, and why it’s so important to see the bigger picture. I think you’ll enjoy this one. I’d love to know what makes YOU happy.

Enjoy it!

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