rolling stones david wygant tourI Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Remember that song?

I think that song describes how most people feel.

Look at the definition of satisfaction and consider how you get it in your life.

When you wake up in the morning, you need to wake up and feel amazing.

It’s the day; it’s a new day; it’s Monday; its Tuesday; it’s Wednesday—whatever—it’s a brand new day and it doesn’t have anything to do with the day before.

This new day doesn’t need to be punished by the events of the day before.

So what if you woke up and you were absolutely satisfied? How good would that feel?

Imagine waking up with a vision of complete happiness. All you think to yourself is how good you feel and how grateful you are.

Maybe you had a lover that held you tight all night long, touching you in that way that you love to be touched.

How would that make you feel when you wake up in the morning?

How does it feel to get lost in the touch of someone new, where your brain shuts off and you forget about doing laundry or that email you had to send?

The touch feels so good you start realizing that there are so many moments in life that you miss because you don’t pay attention to what is there in the present moment.

Satisfaction is a knowing that the laundry will get done, and your client can wait on the mail—so why stress?

Satisfaction is being present in everything you do and realizing that you have a to-do list that will never stop.

In America, we’re all bred to try to get as much done as possible. Europeans and other cultures look at us like we’re out of our fucking minds.

Because we are—we’re always craving more.

We do so much that we never fully appreciate what we’re doing in the moment. We’re at a movie and we think about work; we’ll have dinner with a friend and we think about getting home to pound out some emails.

But being present and being satisfied go hand in hand, almost like they’re cousins or sisters or brothers.

Think about your career goals: what do want, and who do you want to be?

You’ll get there.

Maybe you’ll get there a week later than you wanted to, or maybe a month later, or a year later. But whenever you get there, you get there.

It’s the journey to “getting there” that is most important. Because once you’re there, then it starts all over again, you want to be somewhere else, you want to get somewhere else, you want to make more money, you want to have more fame, more power—whatever it might be.

There is always another “there” to get to.

Imagine being able to just balance everything out, and realize that the being passionate about life is what—deep down—really makes you satisfied.

We sabotage so much of our lives because we always desire to be at the finish line. The problem is, there is no finish line—ever. The only finish line is death.

Satisfaction comes from enjoying the little things: like having your hand rubbed on a Monday morning, or being held at night because you don’t want to sleep alone.

Satisfaction comes from going after what you want, opening your heart, opening your soul, and opening your mind to a better way of living.

You want rocking sex? Then stay present.

You want somebody that satisfies you in every way, shape, and form? Be that person.

Take a siesta from your life every day.

Realize at the end of each day, there’s always something to get accomplished.

Really wrap yourself into the texture of your life. Feel it, embrace it, enjoy yourself, and just say, “fuck it!”

Be satisfied, my friends.