hot-girl-texting-david-wygant-about-the-party-tonightMost people really suck at texting.

I’ve read through so many client’s texts and they are so boring.

They’re usually useless conversations that go back and forth for no reason at all.

While the whole point of a text is to create an emotion.

The whole point of a text is to bring them back to a moment so you can reconnect with them emotionally or share something that’s going on in your life that’s pertinent to the both of you.

But there’s one part of texting that people forget…

And it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to constantly connect with that woman over and over again…

Sending a picture.

That’s right, sending them a picture.

For instance, let’s say you both have a love of the beach.

So what do you do?  Say you’re at the beach without her, sun’s setting, beautiful. You send her a text.  The text has a picture of the sunset that you just took with a simple few words: thinking of you.


The picture will create an emotion in her.  A few words, yet very simple, will create an even stronger emotion.

Picture texts are great.  You see something funny that the two of you have shared as an inside joke.  Take a picture of it and send it to her.

Send a picture if you’re traveling and your plane is late.  Send a picture of the big board and write:

Now what do I do? Three-hour delay.

She’ll send you texts of encouragement if she’s that type of woman. Either way, it’ll create rapport.

Pictures speak volumes.  It gets their imagination going but not only that, it gives them a better opportunity to connect with you, to actually feel like they’re there with you to experience whatever you’re experiencing at the moment.

Plus it’s a lot more entertaining.  Picture texts tend to get responses much faster than just plain, boring texts.

Because a picture is visual and we are very visually stimulated as a society.

You could even send a video text, that’s another great thing to do.  Just a quick little video.  Maybe you were at a flea market and you see a pair of shoes you know that she’d like. Take a video of them, maybe have someone try them on for you and write:

What do you think? Should I get them? I can totally make them work.

It’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it’s cute, and it’s different.

Texting creates intimacy.

So stop playing those silly games and start playing with women!

Have fun.