public speakerI’m a pretty amazing public speaker. I’m one of the best I’ve seen, and I’m not saying that to extend my ego or piss somebody off or whatever. I’m saying that because it’s the truth.

For me, when I’m on stage, I channel something and I don’t know what it is. A friend of mine told me I channel God when I get up there. He says that I literally tap into source, and I just myself to be free on stage.

That’s a rare trait, but how does somebody become actual good public speaker? Well, first you have to do it. You can’t think about it, you just have to go do it.

There are great classes, and Toast Masters is great. Its a great place to learn how to be a public speaker. They each prepare two minute speech, and then a three, then a four, then a five minute speech.

I never did Toast Masters. The only thing I ever toasted was bread. To me, if you even want to do it, you just got to go and do it. That’s how I’ve done everything in life. I just do. I don’t think. I do. I don’t prepare for any of my speeches, ever.

As a matter of fact, one of the best speeches I ever did was at David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation. That was an amazing speech. I came up with the idea that I was going to bring a grapefruit on stage, and I was going to have to guys stand there, and I was going to tell them to catch the grapefruit. I didn’t tell them how, I just told them to catch it. Then I decided that I was going to tell them not to catch it, but to chase it down. So, I told them to ask them if they were ready. They said they were. I rolled the grapefruit right towards them. They couldn’t catch that grapefruit, nor could they stop the grapefruit, nor could they catch the grapefruit.

Why did I do that? What I did came to me when I was in the shower that morning because I wanted to show everybody how most guys are out there chasing women, but not really catching them. I used it as an analogy, and I went into an hour speech about that. We need to attract women, and not just chase after women. The only thing I ever think of or prepare for when I’m speaking is the beginning. I always have a beginning that I want to do and then when I go in and see the audience, I think to myself, “Does this beginning match the energy that’s being radiated out to me right now?”

I probably do tap into God or some type of source because I feel everybody when I walk into that room. I literally look at the people, look who’s there, and at that moment I make a decision about whether to go with the opener that I have, or come up with an entirely different one because I want to be able to match what the audience is looking for.

I can read them all, I can feel them all. I can literally read everybody that’s in that room. And then I just go for it. I already know the subject matter because I’ve been working on the subject matter for a long time.

And that’s the beauty of what I do. You see, I’m a natural at the business that I’m in. So I never have to prepare a thing or come up with theories, or come up with five step processes because I’ve lived the life that I’m actually talking about. A lot of people want to be speakers because they know they can make money being a speaker. They can make money being a guru, so they pick something that they like but they’re not really living that life so, of course, they’re not speaking from their heart.

All those years I was tapping into a higher power and didn’t even realize it. So, if you want to be a great public speaker, you have to talk about something you love, something you know, something that you’re inspired by, something that you own — meaning you live the life that you’re actually talking about. That’s what makes the best speakers out there.

Toastmasters is wonderful; it’s a great place to go and evaluate it. But even Toastmasters will drive you toward speaking about something that your passionate about and love. That’s what makes a great public speaker.