What’s it going to take for you to find love in 2015?

I’m all about you finding love in 2015. If I could, I’d be this gigantic matchmaker. I would take all of you by the hand, and lead you down a path.  I’d be there for you every step of the way. I’d make sure that you are no longer being strung along by the’ man-boy’.

I’d make sure you’re no longer being coerced into bed by the ‘wannabe player’.

I’d make sure that all the men that present themselves in your life not only walk the walk, but talk the talk. You see, I’m there for you because I truly believe that 2015 needs to be about love. It needs to be about finding that man that’s going to actually give you that toe-curling feeling when you wake up in the morning. The one that makes you feel like a teenager when you were in high school.

Think back to your first girlfriend or boyfriend. Remember every single morning driving to school with the anticipation of seeing her?

Remember rushing home after school to sit on the phone for hours, just watching TV together, listening to each breath. Remember that feeling when you first saw him and you hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever…

It was maybe 12 hours, and yet… it was amazing running into his arms –  kissing him…  holding him tight…  the way he smelled…  the way he felt… That first crush is so beautiful. So innocent – in so many ways. As we get older, relationships become more about work. They become more about pain, agony, and one person having issues and showing off.

We dive into books like the Five Love Languages. We buy props, we attend seminars, and all we’re trying to do is recapture that beautiful lack of innocence we once had. You can reclaim that innocence. Go back to that time. Back when you were able to trust, unblinking. Walk through the door. Drop the adult baggage so you can start having an adult teenage-romance. You deserve to feel that kind of love. I’ve heard many of you are overwhelmed by Tinder, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, J Date.

It’s overkill. As always, work at your own pace. Try one app at a time. Try meeting someone at a Trivia Night at a local dive. For every change you’ll get a reaction. Every time you try you get a lesson. The answer won’t always be yes, but maybe you’ll learn to finesse your approach. Today’s video will be all about helping you find your innocence again.

Don’t you want to have a crush, again? I want you to have a crush on somebody. It might actually be someone in this community. If you met, would the two of you connect?

That’s an interesting thought…

You never know where the crush is going to come from. You never who it’s going to be…

I want you to watch today’s video. I want you to understand how to be a great flirt. You can control what you attract.

I don’t want to hear about any more missed opportunities. No, more “Maybe next time.”

Today is the only day there is.