I was chatting to a guy on the beach a few days back. He recognized me from television and wanted some advice.

“David.” He said. “I’ve been hanging out with this girl for the last few weeks. We get on great, we laugh, and I think she likes me. The thing is she keeps saying things like I’m such a nice guy, and that I’m so good to her.

She says she doesn’t deserve me. Am I being too nice to her? I’ve been friend-zoned in the past and I’d hate it to happen with this girl. I really like her. How can I be a challenge to women so I don’t keep busting out?”

Does this situation sound familiar to any of you?

I bet it does.

You meet a girl you really like. You compliment her all the time. You take her out for dinner and drinks and pay for everything. You phone and text her every day and sign off every message with an “x.”

Suddenly, and without warning she tells you, “You’re such a nice guy. But I see you as more of a friend. I wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of that.”

Your heart sinks as the realization sets in. You just got friend-zoned pal!

Well, back on the beach I resisted the urge to give this guy a slap round the head for being so lame, and gave him a verbal whipping instead. And it’s a verbal whipping a lot of you guys need too!

Do you know why you keep getting friend-zoned?

Do you understand why you can’t attract women?

Ok, here it is…


It’s because YOU’RE A PUSSY!


Not really. You need to hear this.

Women do not date wussies. Women do not find wussies sexy. Women are not, nor will ever be attracted to weak, lame guys.

Women want strong, powerful, confident men, who talk and act with authority. They want men who command respect and attention wherever they go. You see, women want a man to protect her. They want to feel safe in the strong arms of a guy. They want a man to throw them on the bed and ravish them. They don’t want a guy that’s going to ask permission to touch their breasts!

“But David, I’m a nice guy. I don’t want to treat women badly.”

That’s great!

But none of this is about being an asshole or treating women badly. It’s about behaving like a man around women. That’s how to be a challenge to women. Stop running around after her like a little puppy dog. Stop calling her 8 times a day to see how she is. Stop buying her flowers and chocolates every other day.


Because it makes it all too easy for her. There’s no challenge. She knows she’s got you. You’ve already chopped of your balls and given them to her on a silver dish!

So here’s what you need to do instead…

Don’t compliment her too much…

The occasional comment is fine, but don’t go over the top. “Oh you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky to be with you. You’re amazing. I’ve never met someone with such beautiful eyes. You have the most amazing hair.”


Give her too much of this and any attraction she had for you will be destroyed!

Say “no” every now and then…

Women take advantage of “nice” guys. If she knows you like her, she’ll have you running all over the place for her. If that hot girl in your office asks you to go and get her lunch from down the street, tell her you’re not going there today.

If that girl you started dating asks to borrow some money, tell her you’re about to buy yourself something so you can’t. It really doesn’t matter what the situation is. Just make sure you’re showing her you’re not a pushover.

Stop being so damn clingy…

You know what women really hate?

When that little meek guy seems to show up wherever she goes. She goes outside for a smoke, he happens to be there. She goes to make a coffee, and he’s in the kitchen. She goes down the feminine hygiene aisle in a store, and yep, the idiot followed her there too!

Stop it. You look needy, stupid, and you’re going to be labeled a creep!

Now don’t get me wrong.

None of this is about being a jerk around women. There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy. But you can be a nice guy without being a pussy. You can be a fun, easygoing man, without cutting off your balls. Make her work for you a bit. Make her feel like you’re a man who’s a challenge for women.  

Because men attract women, wussies don’t!