Jatie-david-wygant-dallas-cockblockYou ever go out with a friend or yours who thinks that every girl that looks in your direction is actually looking at him?

I remember my friend Mark and I would go out all the time.

Whenever a girl looked at him, I would always nudge him and say, “Hey man, she’s checking you out, you should go talk to her.”

Whenever a girl looked at me, I would say, “Hey, she’s checking me out.” And he would look at me and say, “No, she’s checking me out.” He would argue the point all the time.

So then I’d go over and talk to the girl, open her up.

He’d come over and start monopolizing the conversation, and I’d end up walking away because I would be annoyed.  Whether she liked me or not or liked him or not, I didn’t care—I was tired of being cockblocked by my best friend over and over again.

So one day, I just decided to come up with something to teach him a lesson.

But before I get into that, here’s one of the biggest rules of dating when out at night:

The man who opens is the man who wins.

The man who goes in second—even though he thinks he’s got a silver tongue—doesn’t win her attention because women want a man of action.

Remember that while I tell you what to do next.

So here’s the deal:

One night I was out at a lounge, talking to a beautiful woman.  We were vibing. As usual, Mark comes over and kills the entire conversation.

So as he’s stealing the conversation away from me, I look at her and I look at him and I say:

“You know what, man, you two are just so beautiful together.  I could just see the children you guys are going to have.

Now, I’ll tell you something, lady, Mark would make just a great dad.  He’s always wanted kids.  And the two of you, with the blue eyes that you have together, ahh!  Your kids would be absolutely beautiful! 

Plus, you have so much in common…”

And what I would do is I would pick something that was really superficial, like maybe they were both in sales, and I would use that as a weapon.

“I know you’re both in sales.  Wow!  You guys are going to be great selling together.

Listen, I know, I know when I see chemistry between two people, and I’ll tell you something, you guys just have it.  So I’m going to go over there, okay, while you guys get to know one another.”

I looked at Mark and smiled, then, before leaving, I whispered in her ear:

“When you get bored, come back over, we’ll continue that conversation we were having.”

And I walked away.


Is this evil? Yes.  But amazing results!  Oh, absolutely!

She’s going to find her way back to you because:

1.  You just threw him under a very big bus.

2.  You scared her with the kids thing. Telling her that he wants to have kids will probably scare her off because all she is doing is standing there in a bar, wanting to talk and see if there’s a cool guy that she can meet.

3.  You made the interaction seem superficial.  Telling them that they would be a cute couple because they both work in sales, highlights the superficiality of their interaction so far—nothing deep at all.

Okay, so follow the logic here, right.

4.  You claimed her right before you left—a pull and a push. You told her to come to you and you walked away showing that you’re not needy. That’s very powerful.

Guys, it’s all about doing things that are spectacular in life.

Spectacular is attractive.