ask a girl outI’m going to share a quick little story that should highly motivate you to get your ass off the computer and into the world talking to women. It’s a little story about a friend of mine named Kim. The other day, Kim was driving around Los Angeles. Suddenly this guy drives up to her in a car and pulls up next to her. I call it the good old car approach!

Anyway, he starts waving at her. She looks confused at first, but waves back anyway. Why did she wave back? Because the guy was so confident and authoritative in his wave, she figured, “Here’s a confident guy that’s actually taking the time to connect with me. I’m going to respond to him.”
So what’s this guy’s next move?

He rolls down the window, smiles at her and says, “I have about 30 seconds to get to know you. In reality that’s really not enough time, so give me your number and I promise we’ll do something fun instead.”

Kim was game. Why? Because most guys don’t have the balls to talk to women, so she figured this confident guy is interesting and worth getting to know. She quickly shouts her number to him, he puts it in his phone and then drives off. The next thing you know he’s calling her. That’s right. He calls her as they’re driving along. They had a fun conversation and before you know it, he’d asked her for a date and they’d arranged to meet.

How did it all work out?

Well, Kim went on the date, but even though he was a great guy, she wasn’t feeling anything for him. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a nice guy. He just wasn’t for her. But that’s not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is to get out your head. You don’t have to have something amazing or witty to say. You don’t need to be the smartest guy in the world. Women are looking for men who will do something interesting to meet them.

I asked Kim what made her decide to meet up with this guy, and she said it was because he was confident, and he did something unusual. She liked how he took action. It wasn’t what he said that made her want to find out more about him. It was the action he took. It was the fact he showed a real determination to meet her, and thought outside the box. In that moment, it turned her on.

Pick-Up Lines Do Not Work!

I’ve said it a million times before, and I’m sure I’ll say it another million times before men start getting it. Forget pick up lines, forget what you’re wearing or the car you drive, and forget trying to think of the wittiest thing you can possibly say.

Women just want you to do something to grab their attention. Women have different guys coming up to them day and night saying the same stupid things over and over. They want you to do something that makes you stand out. They want you to intrigue them. They want you to show them you have something about you. Just try thinking outside the box a bit when you’re speaking to women. It can be as easy as that to get yourself a date!

Will it always end in romance? Of course not, but it will do wonders for your confidence and the more dates you go on the more likely you are to meet someone special!

What are you waiting for! Start talking!