I don’t understand why men are so preoccupied with the way they ask a girl out. Everyday I get e-mails of a complete breakdown of how they met some girl, what they did, what they said. How she looked. What she was wearing. I’m talking, a complete breakdown of everything that happened and didn’t happen during the conversation.

Today I want to talk about the simplicity of asking somebody out.  I want you to jump into the skin of a female. How do you like your boobs?

How do you like your butt?

How does it feel to have a vagina?

How does it feel to have 10,000 thoughts crossing your mind 24/7?

Far more simple being a man, isn’t it?

Now I want you to think what it feels like to be approached or not approached. How does it feel?

I want you to look around the room and I want you to go out today and look at how men look at women and I want you to imagine that that’s you. That’s you being checked out and not talked to, or that’s you being approached and small-talked to death.  I want you to imagine being a female, so I want you to realize that women don’t get asked out nearly as much as you think.

A friend of mine, super hot, 33 years old. Gorgeous body. Stunning face.  She’s a model and an actress in Los Angeles.

Do you know how often she gets asked out?  Never. Most men never approach her because they’re too afraid. She’s dying for a date. So what I want you to do is I want you to imagine being a woman. I want you to think to yourself, that you, with your approach anxiety and your constant monkey chatter about how to ask a woman out correctly, is not approaching you.

If you think you’re the only guy who suffers from approach anxiety and can’t ask a woman out, you’re actually in the majority. 9 out of 10 guys have absolutely no idea how to ask a woman out. One of the drills we do in the boot camp is to literally go and get rid of approach anxiety, just walk up to random women in stores and start flirting with them.

Get comfortable with that whole process.  We do this so you’re able to then do what?  Eventually ask somebody out with ease and simplicity.  I want you to watch today’s video.  I’m there with my brother Eric coaching a bunch of guys in Chicago. We go over the simplicity of asking a girl out, why you just need to go for it.  Why you need to get out of your head.

Why you need to stop making such a big deal about it.  It’s not how you ask her out, it’s that you did it.  You need to stop being so concerned with all these technical details.  It doesn’t have to be technical.  It doesn’t need to be a 17-step process.

You just need to do it. Watch this video. It’s only about a minute long and it’s simple for a lot of reasons. You need to un-complicate the easiest thing you can do, asking a girl out.