How to Approach Women on the Street By David Wygant

People are always asking, all the time: how do you meet somebody on the street?

There you are, walking down the street – part of the thing is that when you’re walking down the street, there are always plenty of things to look at.

So let’s say you’re in, say, New York City, where I am till till Sunday night. Last night a client and I were walking down 5th Ave which is a big shopping street. This shopping street had every type of store from the good to the really bad tourist stores.

This street also had a bunch of really drunk guys on it – that’s another thing too. Let’s talk about that right now. There are like eight or nine guys who all want to go out and meet women. And what do women find the least appealing? Eight or nine drunk guys walking down the street. Nothing can turn women off more than a bunch of drunk guys walking down the street.

Let’s talk about this for a second, before we get back to how to approach a woman on the street, because I think it’s really fascinating: men will go out on a Friday night and get absolutely hammered and polluted. Women will go out on a Friday night trying to avoid the hammered and polluted guys. But yet the hammered and polluted guys don’t even realize that the women are trying to avoid them.

So the guys get loud – these guys that are getting loud on the street right now are aged anywhere between 30 and 50. Every woman that has walked by has basically done so as far away from them as possible, because they don’t want to have any part of that.

But these guys don’t understand, and they don’t even see that. So guys, if you’re one of those guys that get hammered and polluted on Friday and Saturday nights – take a look at your counterparts. One of the best examples to figure out what you’re doing wrong is to look at other people – look at the guys that are just like you.

Look at the guys that are getting hammered and polluted and look at the way the women are completely running away from there – they’re repelled. It’s almost like insect repellant! You’re buzzed, but the women are not buzzing around you! The fact is that you’re like repellant.

But let’s get back to the other point of what I was talking about in the beginning of this oh-so-confusing blog we’re doing right now. This is one of those random ones.

Here we are in New York City and we’re walking down the street. It’s pretty amazing, because there is this church that is probably from the 1600s and there it is – right in between Café Moda, a shoe store with some of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen, and a bad clothing store, a store that has nothing but orange shirts.

Orange doesn’t look good on just about anybody. My black friends can wear orange, and my Hispanic friends can get away with wearing orange, but pasty white people like myself? Absolutely not. Orange on us looks like we were just sick and had the flu. But yet there is nothing but orange in the window, because it’s summer and for some reason they feel the need to promote orange shirts today!

But you could stop somebody on the street very easily by standing there and just being amazed by it – because everything in life is about being amazed. It’s about enjoying yourself. Life is like an observation.

So you could just all of a sudden stop – instead of looking for women, allow women to become attracted to you. So, stop when you’re with a friend or by yourself, and look at the church. Just take it in, and realize how beautiful it is.

And then when you see a group of women walk by, just say, “wow, look at this, it’s amazing.” I guarantee you that most women and most people are walking around in a coma – they’re not going to see it. They’re not going to feel it either.

So stop them and say, “look at this.” They’re going to say the same thing: they’ll say, “wow, that church is just unbelievable, look at it!” And you can get into a discussion about the architecture – you can try to guess from what era it is. You can guess what time frame it is. And then you can make fun of the orange shirts and make fun of other things around you.

But really, you should talk about the culture that everybody seems to be missing. Most people are missing all of the beauty around them. You have to point it out to them. Once you point it out, the conversation will roll.