I get this e-mail all the time from you guys:

How do I approach a group of attractive women?  

What does it matter what they look like?

Women are women and “attractive” is subjective.

This is something I want you guys to really get through your brains.

I may find some woman incredibly attractive, and you may not.  You may find a woman really hot, and I may not.  Different strokes for different folks. (Yes, that was a pun.)

So the first step is to stop ranking women by attractiveness––women are women. They’re wired the same way inside. And they’ve got the same moods, the same emotions, and the same crazy talking styles that drive men nuts.

And when you got a group of them together, they’re all there talking in she-talk, as I call it, or women language.  Sometimes it sounds like a foreign language.

So let me ask you: can you approach women who are alone? Because you need to build your confidence up that way first. You need to really understand how to talk to a woman, how to connect to her, how to build a conversation, how to listen, how to have a great conversation, and how to ask a woman out before you worry about getting into a group of women.

You see, a guy that can’t approach a woman alone is going to fail miserably with a group, because it’s going to be too intimidating and too overwhelming.

So my first step always has been to get good at approaching women alone. When you’re good at that, then you can approach a group of women the same exact way.

Just make an observation on something that you see.  Eavesdrop during a conversation and add something in.

Do it at a restaurant. Be playful and ask them for a bite of an appetizer or something if you’re sitting next to them.

There are so many different ways, but the way to do it is the exact same way that you would if she were solo: observe something you can connect with at that moment and go in there and talk about it.

So life is about observing a moment, connecting in that moment, listening, and taking that conversation other places based on what she says.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of women, it doesn’t matter how attractive you think they are.