Oh, I mean blah.

Oh, the excuses.

The other day I got an e-mail from a guy who basically said to me “David, I’m 5’10. I know I can’t get dates because of my height.”

I’m thinking 5’10? That’s above the national average.

That’s got nothing to do with you not getting dates. Your attitude has to do with it.  Every day I get an e-mail from somebody who believes that they suffer from Napoleon complex, that there’s no way in the world women will date them. Let’s go deeper into this.

Every man has a fantasy. You know what it is. She is a girl that could grace the covers of Cosmopolitan, magazine or the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition.  She’s got a body that would stop any car on the street. Every man would want to look at her. Her body looks like it jumped out of Playboy.

She’s got a brain, too. That’s right. This gorgeous cover model with a kick-ass Playboy centerfold body has a brain. She would never bust your balls. As a matter of fact, she’d be only supportive of you, and she’d allow you to do whatever you need.  Ah, the fantasy world. They’re all hot girls, sexy, they’re all amazing, and not to mention, they all give great blowjobs.

So we all have a fantasy.

Women have a fantasy, too. Every woman wants a tall alpha guy. Well, look around the room. Most guys are not tall, and they’re not alphas. So what does the majority of the population settle for? They settle for a regular person. The regular girl and the regular guy. And by regular, I don’t mean not fantastic, because every one of them is fantastically regular, fantastically amazing.

Height is just another excuse you use so you don’t have to approach, so you don’t have to ask somebody out. You just disqualify yourself right from the get go. You’ll say to yourself “Well I’m short and she wants the tall guy, so I don’t need to ask her out. I feel much better right now. I’m going to go home and jerk off over the sink one more time.”

Or watch some porn.

I’m going to debunk the myth, and I learned about this myth a long, long time ago. In the video, I tell you about a college roommate of mine that was short, fat, and bald at the age of 20, but yet got laid more than anybody in the entire campus of American University.


I’ll explain it in today’s video. If you’ve got excuses, which most of you have, and if height is one of your issues, then I strongly suggest you watch this video today. This video will not only enlighten you. But it will show you exactly how short guys get dates. And how they get to crawl all over that tall, luscious, beautiful, super hot woman that they always thought was unattainable.

Spread this video around. Send it to all your friends, too, that have the same mindset as you. Send it to all guys who think height makes a difference and lets break the myth that is perpetuating the fear in these men.