Another short blog today as I battle the jet Lag. Woke up at 3am wide awake and could not fall back to sleep at all.

I can tell you one thing.

Insomnia is brutal! Anyway here are my quick thoughts for today.

So you went out on a Saturday and you talked to 47 women, and you didn’t connect with any of them.

You did everything right.

You commented based on a real observation, you responded to what she said in the moment, you spoke what was on your mind, but yet,it just didn’t click.

You didn’t click with any of them.

You know why? It’s because you haven’t met anybody who appreciates you yet, so who gives a shit? Who cares?

You’ve got to appreciate you. No one’s going to appreciate you unless you appreciate yourself first.

Look at all the people you do business with, all the people you interact with professionally. Do they do business with you, do they think you’re cool as hell? It’s because they see you as you really are.

When we look at ourselves, we all see our neurotic sides.