The other night I went out with a good friend named Lawrence.

Lawrence is one of the greatest sex experts I’ve ever met.

I’ve known Lawrence for about eight years now, and every time I connect with him, it’s always a great conversation. Picture two high vibrational gurus sitting together. Wouldn’t you like to listen in on the secrets we share?

We went to a place called Cafe Gratitude. Cafe Gratitude is this trendy little vegan place in Venice. We sat down at the bar.

We didn’t want to sit outside because it was 50 degrees. We didn’t want to deal with the chilly Los Angeles night.

It’s amazing in Los Angeles when it’s 50 degrees, people walk around in parkas and scarves and hats and gloves. I think to myself, boy have we all gotten soft. In New York they’re walking around with a tee shirt and leather jacket. In LA they’re dressed like it’s the arctic blast.

So we sit down at the counter and we start flirting with the really cute waitress. She’s fine, it was a fun distraction. It’s always fun to flirt.

How many times do I tell you guys over and over again, flirt all the time, it keeps your game up. It gets you into the game and it creates attraction wherever you go.

But this post has nothing to do with flirting. It has to do with how peppers, red peppers to be exact, are exactly like pussy.

I use the term pussy. We can say vagina, we can say whatever we want, but the fact of the matter is, both of them suffer from the same problem.

Lawrence didn’t want a dish if it had red peppers.

So the waitress went back and asked the manager and the manager came over with a serious face and said to him, it doesn’t have any red peppers, so you will be okay?

But Lawrence wanted to know if it may have been cross contaminated.

Now, cross contamination is when nuts have been cut on the same cutting board and people with a nut allergy will react if dust from a piece of nut makes it into their food. So they want to make sure the food won’t trigger their nut allergy.

The manager said no, there has been no cross contamination, and Lawrence said he can handle that.

The waitress smiled and walked away, and I looked at him and said, isn’t that basically the situation with every woman we’re ever with.

We’re cross contaminated with the last person who was inside her?bed-015-02072015

Think about this, whenever you have sex with somebody, you’re having sex with every single person they had sex with before.

I know, you don’t want to think about it, but the girl you just slept with last night might have had somebody else’s sperm inside her from two weeks ago.

Basically every time we have sex, we’re going inside something that was cross contaminated with somebody else’s energy.

Whenever you have sex with somebody they still have the energy of another being inside them, how can they not?

When a man is inside a woman he comes inside her, they share juices. They share a moment.

And a month later she’s with somebody else. Or two months later. Do you think she and everybody in this world cross contaminates?

Cross contaminations will happen.

Cross contamination is everything. We are sharing and exchanging whenever we kiss somebody. We’re going in and kissing them and feeling and sharing the energy of other people.

So, when you get laid, as you’re going down on her, you have to think… I wonder how many people I’m having sex with right now.

It’s the way of life.

Cross contamination is everything, except the difference here is that you won’t break out, you won’t have a food rooted allergy, but you might get a sexually transmitted disease.

Be careful about what you wish for, and who you do it with.