How important is your car when it comes down to meeting women?  

It’s a question that I get all the time, and it’s something that I don’t think anybody really talks that much about.  Here’s the deal: you must have a car—it’s very important.  Unless you live in one of the big cities where you can take public transportation, the rest of the world really is all about having a car.  But what type of car you have isn’t as important.

For some of you that can afford it, I’m sure you have better cars.  For some of you that have unlimited money, your car basically states who you are as a man—a lot about your identity.

But, most of us in the world don’t have the money to get the car that we want, so we’re forced to buying a used car.  We’re forced to driving something that we may or may not be that enthused about.  Maybe that 2004 Camry is not exactly what you always wanted. So how do you pick up a woman in that car and not apologize that you’re driving a white Camry when you’d rather be driving a silver Corvette?

Here’s the deal about cars: it’s not about the car you drive, it’s what that car represents.

I know you are thinking right now, a white Camry usually represents a conservative, nerdy guy. Maybe to you it resembles your grandmother’s vehicle.

That’s not the way she’s thinking about it.

When she gets into your car for the very first time, she’s evaluating not the car you drive, but the way you take care of that car.  Is your backseat piled with tons of stuff; garbage, and papers? Does it look like a homeless person is sleeping back there? She’s going to see all that.

Is the outside of your car one of those cars where people write “wash me” because it’s always so dirty?  Is there a distinct odor in your car, and nobody really knows what it is?  (Is it sweat?  Is it B.O?)

Guys, just make sure your car is clean, inside and out.  Make sure it’s detailed, waxed, looking good.  Because, when you first drive up in a shiny car—no matter what model, no matter what make—it’s is going to give her an impression of who you are.  It’s going to show her that you’re actually a guy that takes care of things.

When she gets into that car, make sure it’s clean. The seats should be clean.  Make sure she’s not sitting on any old potato chips.  Make sure there’s not a bottle of water at her feet.  Make sure the backseat is clean.  Make sure there are no crumbs in the cup holders.  No old bottles of soda in the cup holders.  Make that car neat in the inside.

And the next thing you want to do is make sure you’ve got the right music on, so when she gets in the car she’s sitting in an environment that’s friendly. I would play a little bit of Coldplay, maybe some David Gray, maybe some Ray LaMontagne, maybe some Death Cab for Cutie—just basically good, mellow music at a volume that’s not too high and not too low, just enough for background.

It’s all about setting the mood and giving her a great feeling. If the car is clean, smells good, and sounds good—you’re in business, even if it’s an old white Toyota Camry.

. . .

So ladies, help us  out a but and give us your opinion on this: is it important that your date have a car? Yes or no, and why? Leave your answers in the comments below.