are-you-hungry-david-wygantHere’s something you can’t teach people: hunger.

How bad do you want the changes in your life?

Are you one of those people that mentally masturbates your life away?

You’re constantly talking about the things you’re going to do.

I’m going to become an entrepreneur.

I’m going to kick ass at my job.

I’m going to go meet 10 women this weekend.

After the weekend, you’ve met nobody, your job still sucks, and you’re not an entrepreneur.

How much time do you spend mentally masturbating thinking about all the things, listening to theories nonstop instead of actually doing it?

You can’t teach hunger.

What I can do is give you all the tools to motivate you to become the best, most amazing incredible man with women, and not only that…

My products actually teach you how to communicate through life.

My stuff will work in every single social situation.

It will get you upgrades on planes and fancy hotel rooms, even though you paid for a standard room.

You’ll get free desserts at restaurants.

And the list goes on and on.

But how bad do you want to make this change?

You can’t teach hunger.

When you look at yourself, you should look at yourself as a company, as an entrepreneurship venture. How do you want your company to perform every single day? Only you can push the button.

Everybody wants to be rich (most people do). Most people want a lot of beautiful women in their lives. Most people want the best relationships. But if you’re not hungry for it, you’ll never succeed at it.

A friend of mine used to be a security guard in a mall…but he didn’t want to be a security guard in the mall—he wanted to be a coach.

And now he’s accomplished his goal, and he kicks ass at his job in every single level. He’s hungry. He wanted it. Sure, he could have just been a rent-a-cop his entire life standing there for $12 an hour checking out the hot women in a middle America mall.

But he wanted more for himself—he wanted it bad. And so he did it. He made the sacrifices in life to make it happen.

I can only give you the tools, but I can’t teach hunger.

How bad do you want it?

How badly do you want to be able to have the most amazing social life and meet beautiful women?

How bad do you want to succeed in all aspects of your life and become an amazing communicator with friends, parents, and coworkers?

I can’t teach hunger, but I can give you the tools.