Something women ask me about all the time is how to spot the signs a guy is interested in you. Most the time I joke and say, “If he’s talking to you, he’s interested.”

But seriously, it seems a lot of you do really struggle to read men and how we’re feeling at any given point. The funny thing is, in most cases, we’re quite straightforward and what you see is what you get. To help you along though, I’ve put together a few signs to look out for when you’re with a guy and you want to know if he likes you.

Does He Seem Nervous?

Most of you know by now, tons of guys suffer from this new illness called, “Approach anxiety.”

They’re so intimidated and terrified of talking to an attractive woman, they become crippled with fear and most the time won’t even come over and say hi to you. The guys that do overcome their fears enough to actually come and open their mouths, may still show signs of nerves, especially if they’re attracted to you.

Now here’s the thing…

Even a guy who appears confident on the outside, could still display a few minor signs of nerves if he likes you. If he can’t sit still or fiddles with his watch or anything else within reach, it could be a sign his anxiety levels are raised slightly. He might knock something off the table if you’re in a restaurant or coffee shop, and he’ll generally give off the impression of being excitable.

It could look like he’s just very energetic when in reality he’s nervous because he’s attracted to you.

Is He Dropping Hints?

Guys LOVE to drop hints. Rather than coming right out and saying they like you, they’ll drop you little hints. They’ll say things like, “I had a great time with you tonight.” Or, “I’d love to come here again sometime.”

What they’re waiting for is you to validate them. They’re waiting for you to say, “Yes. I had a great time too. Let’s do it again.”

What other kind of hints do guys drop?

If the subject of ex-boyfriends comes up, listen out for lots of head shaking and, “I can’t believe he treated you like that. What an idiot! I’d never treat a girl that way.”

It’s his way of showing he wants to treat you better, and that he’ll be a much better partner to you than your ex. Any verbal cues like this are a surefire sign of attraction. 

Is He Edging Closer To You?

The same as guys test you with verbal hints, we also like to try out physical hints. Most the time this comes in the form of playful touches while you’re talking, or edging closer to you during the conversation. When a guy does this, he wants to see how you’ll react. Are you comfortable enough with him to let him get closer to you, or do you move away?

He’s looking for a sign from you that it’s OK for him to let you know how he feels. You see, men are just as afraid of rejection as you are. Nobody likes the embarrassment or disappointment of putting themselves out there, and then facing rejection. It takes a lot for a guy to tell a woman he likes her, so rather than go in blind and make a fool of himself, we look for signs you like us too.

If you’re lucky enough to run into a super confident guy like me who owns his words, and isn’t afraid of telling you how he feels, chances are he’ll come out and say it. As for the rest of the male population, you’re going to keep an eye out for some of these signs.

I show you some more of these signs, and give you some tips on what to do if you see any of them in the video below!

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