Based upon the emails I am still getting nonstop, it seems that people can’t get enough of Wednesday’s podcast. So for any of you who missed it, and for those who have been asking where to find it, you can listen to it HERE.

Your emails have also been requesting I go deeper into what I talked about on the podcast. So, as always, your wish is my command! Enjoy!

I’m on the phone right now with a good guy I’ve known for years who is going to start interning with me. He first saw me when I spoke at Union College about four years ago. He lives in the Czech Republic, and he said he really wants to do what I do.

He wants to expand my business into Eastern Europe. He wants me to have an amazing coach available to people in Prague and Russia.

There is only one of me, and that is the reason why I have other coaches work with me. I want to reach out to all of you.

So as he and I were on the phone, we were talking about something really interesting. We were talking about how I became successful in life. When I say life, I mean all aspects of life — money, business, women.

I learned something a long time ago. In order to become really successful in business, you need to find people who are as passionate as you are about what you’re doing and then you need to basically clone yourself.

One person can’t do everything. By cloning myself, I am able to reach a lot more people. By cloning myself, I am able to give more people the David Wygant experience.

For years I worked by myself. I was always tired.

All of a sudden, I started meeting some of my team. My team is amazing. For any of you who have had the opportunity to be coached by a member of my team, you know exactly what I mean.

They are all just versions of me. They are all people who share the same passion. That is what a real team is all about. It is a group of people who share the same passion, the same goals and the same drive.

Take a look at the New York Jets right now in the playoffs. Nobody thought they’d be in the championship game.

Do you know how they did it? They did it as a team. They were persistent, they believed in themselves and they worked really hard every single day to get there.

Now they have the opportunity to play Peyton Manning and the Colts on Sunday. Everyone thinks the Colts are going to destroy the Jets because Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in football.

If you listen to Rex Ryan, and if look at how their record went from 4-6 to 9-7, however, there is a reason why the Jets made it to this point in the playoffs. It’s called persistence. It’s called a belief in yourself.

In order to succeed in life, you need to believe in yourself and you need to persistently do little things every single day. No one is going to give you the key to life. When you have this persistence in life, though, life will get easier and easier and easier.

It is a challenge to push yourself every day. It is a challenge to go out there and do things for which you are not always rewarded (whether it’s getting a woman’s phone number or a financial reward in business).

When I first started this business, I wasn’t rewarded financially for two years. I had to learn everything I could possibly learn, and I was persistent.

Did I get frustrated at times? Absolutely. When that would happen, I’d go home at night and I’d journal to work things out. Then I would wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

I go into this concept more deeply — and go into detail about I create a blueprint for successfully achieving any goal — HERE.