Remember when I talked to my friend Jeff about the situation with him and the woman at the bank? If you missed it, you can CLICK HERE to read part 1.

After he read that blog, we worked out together again today, and we talked more about this situation. Guess what? He had another excuse.

I am going to tell you his new excuse, and then I am going to walk you through it. After reading yesterday’s blog, Jeff told me that worrying about what others thought about him asking the woman out was not the main problem.

His new excuse about the “meet and greeter” at Wells Fargo was that if he asked her for her phone number at the bank that she might get into trouble with management. Yes, it was the ‘management excuse.’

Here is the thing. As far as I know, there is no such thing as a rule that workers cannot exchange numbers with customers.

Also, it is not like a manager is going to think, “You know, I saw Jeff come in today – account #12345678 – and I saw you exchange numbers with him.” About what do you think they are worried, that she is selling him an IRA on the side?

She can’t do that anyway. She is a meet and greeter and isn’t qualified to do that!

Do you think they are worried about what will happen to the bank if she dates him (or what will happen to the bank if she dates him and it doesn’t work out)? Trust me, they are not thinking “We are going to lose money if that happens. we don’t want to lose his money. We don’t have enough in the bank without it!”

Does this show you how silly this excuse is? It’s just another excuse.

You have to be able to look at your excuses and laugh at them. You have to be able to see your excusesfor what they are: self-perpetuating fears.

I knew that if I wasn’t writing this blog about Jeff and this particular situation, that I could be writing it about any number of other guys who would have any number of other excuses.

I understand how so many guys think about fears and excuses. For one, they often times don’t realize that what they are experiencing is a fear or an excuse. They see these things as real and valid reasons to not approach and not ask someone out in these situations.

I also know that even when I show guys that their reasons are really just excuses, that most of them will do exactly what Jeff did, i.e., come up with a new “reason” (which is just another fear and excuse). That’s why the exercise I’m going through in these blogs about Jeff is so important.

So use this exercise to get rid of your excuses. The only thing you need to do in this situation is to ask that person out.

If they don’t say yes, it doesn’t matter. In that situation, all you do is go back in the bank a couple of days later, make your deposit, and say “How are you today?” as if nothing ever happened.

So now you have no more excuses in this situation. Now there is no reason for any of you to hesitate to ask out a “meet and greeter,” Starbucks girl or anyone else in this type of situation.

I’ve eliminated all of your fears and excuses here. All that’s left for you to do, is go out there and do it!