7-11 datinigWhen was the last time you were in a 7-Eleven?

I’m sure you went in with a weird craving for one thing, and came out with about 3 other things. When you walked into the store you thought, “I need a can of Coke” for all you crazy people that still drink canned goods. Maybe you went in for a bottle of water, but you walked out with some candy and a Slurpie!

How about those hotdogs that sit there spinning for weeks, or a Krispy Kreme donut?

You’re a glutton for punishment. We’ll talk about diets on another blog. But 7-Eleven is just like dating. Every single day you need to think of yourself as a giant 7-Eleven, or even a Costco. All day long men pass you and think, “I’m not normally into brunettes, but that brunette I just passed was hot! She looks like a 48-ounce Big Gulp to me. I’d love to “Slurpie” her up!”

You get the picture. Dating is like 7-Eleven. Men walk round hungry all day, not knowing what they’re in the mood for. Men walk round hungry for women, but not knowing which type they want to satisfy their hunger. They want to meet someone, but if your 7-Eleven is closed guess what’s going to happen?

Yep, they’re going to walk by and shop somewhere else. There’s nothing worse in life than being a little drunk, desperately wanting a snack, and finding 7-Eleven is closed!

When you close yourself off, men will pass you by. So be like a giant 7-Eleven. Remember men have cravings all day long, and you never know when a great guy will come along, hungry for a woman just like you. See men are looking at you all day. Most guys don’t know what kind of woman they want until they run into her.

Think of smiling at men like marketing. Unless you let him know you’re open, he won’t come and talk to you. Most women don’t open at all, and some have weird opening hours. You’re like a department store that has Sunday hours which are different to Saturday hours, which are different to midweek hours!

Don’t hide yourself away. When you’re out in public you need to be aware of what’s going on around you. If you see a guy checking you out and you like the look of him, smile. Let him know it’s OK to approach. You’ll ignite a man’s curiosity that way. Most women have the dreaded “Out to lunch. In a hurry” sign on them. Or they’re like a store in Spain. They’re on siesta for 4 hours in the middle of the afternoon when you’re in the mood to shop. Make your 7-Eleven open for business whenever you’re out, let guys know you’re open to conversation, and watch how many more men come into your life.