You meet a woman.

She’s hot.

There’s something about her that you can’t put your finger on.

She’s really hot. Yet, you have conversations with her that aren’t really deep.

You think there’s something a little off about her, but you don’t care.

Do you know why? Because you’ve just been…


The power of new pussy is amazing. We all love new pussy smell, and new pussy taste. Everything about new pussy is amazing.

But what makes new pussy even better, is that pussy can basically pussymatize you.

It’s like magic. It seems to come when all you do is blow on it. You swear she has orgasms just when you twirl her nipples.

She gets wet just when you turn the faucet on.

She’ll send you texts through out the whole day that she just masturbated and she thought about you, and you think it’s the hottest thing in the entire world.

You spend some time with her, and you start to realize that you press the button for the 14th floor, and the elevator still lets you off on floor 11.

There’s something off about her. Like, there’s moments of just unstable behavior that comes from her.

For example: a temper tantrum in the middle of the day for no apparent reason at all.

Something very dramatic always seems to be happening to her at all times, even though she’s not really working a stressful job.

But, you keep looking past all that, because you’ve been pussymatized.

The problem is, you’re going down a road that can become very dangerous, because if you get this type of woman pregnant, this woman is now going to be the crazed, lunatic mother of your kids.

We all know those mothers, because some of us actually had them.

Yeah, that’s right, some of your dads were pussymatized, and you came out of a pussymatized relationship.

When you’re with a woman like this, you need to get in and get out as quickly as possible. In the long run, this nut job needs to be with somebody else.

You need to understand that you can—through the power of who you are as a man—work your magic, and dickmatize many women with your own magical skills.

Please believe me: women can be dickmatized, and I want to show you how to acquire these skills.