birthday 2015So folks…today is my birthday.

How do I feel on my birthday this year? Well, firstly I feel very generous. I’m not really into getting presents. I’d rather give presents.

For me, giving is more satisfying that receiving. It has been like that for a long time. So, for those of you who have been thinking about purchasing anything from me, any product, any coaching, and even boot camps…I’m giving you 50% off EVERYTHING for the next two days. I want to do something to give back to all of you.

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On my birthday, I like to set an intent. My intent for the next year of my life is to live a much simpler life. I want an easier and less expensive life. I don’t really want to continue to pay what I’m paying to live in Los Angeles. I don’t want to have all the financial responsibilities I have now.

I want life to be easier than it’s been. I’d like to eliminate all the stress in my life. I’ve been doing a good job of that recently too. I’ve been involved with a couple of business transactions that are finally ending, and when they do, I want to simplify my life even more.

Why do I want to simplify my life?

Because I realize you just don’t have time to play games, or to do things that don’t inspire you. So today, on my birthday, I’m reflecting. My reflection is about all the people I have in my life. I want to give gratitude for everyone who’s in my life. I want to thank all my friends and co-workers for being in my life. I want to thank everybody who’s helped me become the person that I am, and I’d like to thank my family.

So…I’m looking forward to a far simpler life. There’s no reason for the aggravations, and no reason to sit in traffic if you don’t want to sit in it. I was talking to a friend the other day about Los Angeles. He still loves it. I asked him why.

I begged him to tell me it wasn’t just the weather. Of course he laughed because it was. The weather just isn’t enough anymore. The aggravation I deal with on a daily basis just isn’t worth it anymore. It makes me want to leave. I want things to be less complicated. I want to have inner peace on a daily basis.

I’m not getting involved in anything that’s going to cause me anymore stress. One of the biggest lessons my coach (Yes I go to a coach) has taught me is the power of “The sacred no.”

“The Sacred no”, is saying no to things that don’t feel right to you. He’s been telling me that for a long time but I have trouble saying no because I like to help people. I like to make people’s lives easier. Often when I do, it makes my own life harder. This year I’m going to stand in my sacred no. I’m going to start saying no to things that will put me in situations.

One of the other things I’m implementing this year is a word someone taught me how to use a long time ago, and that is, HELP!

Any good entrepreneur knows how to use the word help, because trying to do everything yourself is crazy and there are times when getting help is the only thing that will propel your business to the next level.

Standing in your sacred no is super important. That’s going to be my intent for my next year of my life. I’m going to help people the way I want to. I want something that will feel right. I’m going to learn to stand in my sacred no so I can avoid situations that don’t make me feel good in the future.

Happy birthday to me!

And take advantage of my big 50% birthday discount. Discounts are on boot camps, coaching, products and everything so now is the time to take action. It’s my gift and appreciation to all of you this year. Remember, the discount code is “BDAY”.