4th of JulyHappy 4th of July guys!

Whether you’re out at a barbecue, off to a club, or hooking up with that girl you’ve just managed to close, I want you to take a few moments to stop and just feel…

The 4th July makes me feel extremely grateful for what I have and the great country we live in. The economy is slowing turning around, the stock markets are high, and all in all we have a lot to feel positive about.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is we live in a nation full of beautiful men and women. Every day gives us the opportunity to go out and connect with other human beings. The chance to make someone smile, the chance to make someone blush cos you paid them a compliment, and the chance to fall in love.

Guys I’m telling you…

That feeling you get when you really connect physically and emotionally with a woman never gets old, and nows a great time to go out there and meet people. So don’t waste this opportunity. Wherever you live, however much money you have, whatever your job prospects are, don’t forget everyday is a chance to meet and connect with someone special.

You’ve just got to make it happen. And that brings me to something else about being grateful…

I want to say thanks again to you guys for trusting me to help  you along your quest for dating success. I have a blast knowing I’ve taken a guy from being completely terrified of meeting women into a complete babe magnet.

I love seeing your success stories so keep sending them in, and make sure you keep subscribed to davidwygant.com cos there’s some really exciting things in the pipeline!

Whatever you’re doing for the holidays, have fun and stay safe!