Good Morning. Today I am posting a story from one of my all time favorite clients who attended a recent bootcamp. Here is his story.

A personal message to all from Yakub

This story is dedicated to David, Bryan, Adrian, Dale and all the wonderful people I met in New York.

I have so many things to say, but I will make this succinct as possible. My story is real, not just some marketing stuff to impress anyone. I would be glad to speak with you if you have more questions. By the way, thank you all for encouraging me to write this story in the blog.

A small bio of myself:
I am a 21 year old college student. I was a shy kid all throughout middle and high school. I didn’t have the mindset or skill set to become more social with people. I’m happy and grateful that I took a boot camp with David Wygant. It was a powerful change for me.

Friday day #1: I meet up with David and couple of his former students. I noticed from the beginning that the guys with David were really relaxed, calm, and cool guys, and they made me feel at ease and taken care of. They just had that vibe about them.

I told myself; I would listen to these guys closely and be prepared to fail as many times as possible to learn from them, and especially David (the real life Hitch or Casanova.) It got even better when David’s friend the coauthor of the book called “always talk to stranger,” showed up. I was getting fed up with wisdom from all these wonderful people.

From the beginning David treated me like a brother. He was really open, cool, calm, and really chilled, and spoke strongly and bold. He had the character of Bill Clinton and George Clooney. He also had a great style and handsome guy. If I was gay, I would hit on him…lol…

David walked the talk. He is not about sitting down and giving hours of instructions until your head blows up. He would do everything right front of me, and then explain it to me in details, and break everything down for me. This is the best way to learn, he gave me a lot of personalized attention, and world class instructions. I loved every bit of it.

He opened my eyes in the shopping stores, and he showed me how to have fun, and I learned that having fun is the most important thing when meeting people. He helped me get rid of my bad beliefs, and I learned how to carry myself with power. It was like walking with a great sage, and learning and experiencing everything in the moments.

While I was with David, from the beginning to the end I started to enjoy the moments more. I learned to treat people with respect, humor, and humbleness. I learned to treat women like a true gentleman, and charm. I also learned to how to meet women easily and date them. I really understood that I didn’t have to be someone else and rich to have a wonderful women in my life.

Day #2
In the beginning when I started to approach women, I got blown off 3-4 times because I was too anxious, and my body language was bad. David then demonstrated it for me by approaching, he showed me how to be relaxed, and calm and to speak slowly. I heard the term body language before, but I didn’t know what it was until I saw David in action. I begin to model him and do what he told me, and few hours later, I started to have lots of fun talking with people, and developed great attitudes towards meeting people anywhere. I felt like I was walking up the ladder, and my confidence grew up each time.

I learned that it’s not all about hunting for women, or using tricks and clever lines to seduce women. I learned to treat women like the way I would normally treat my guy friends, there are no difference.

I used have a problem thinking what would other people think about me, and as I walked and talked with David, my mind became more clear, and I stopped thinking about what others thought about me. I saw everyone as a normal human being just passing by, not a big deal anymore.

When I begin to see the way David sees the world, I begin to see how bored people were in their everyday life. They were in a coma, asleep, and it was me that brought them life, by being fun, goofy, and being social. I learned that it’s not just about women, or getting the numbers, but most importantly about connecting with people.

I learned to not chase the women wherever I went, but attract them to my world by doing what I enjoy doing. I learned to create a lifestyle that is more fun and in the moments. Of course before I took the boot camp I was all about number, and closing the deal, which got me nowhere. I learned to be genuine and be my strong self and that attracted people all around me.

We walked into Bloomingdales, David started chatting up with the women there. They were all laughing and enjoying waking up from their coma. Some of the things David would do were kind of too fast for me to catch in the first day, but as the day progressed I begin to see the way to communicate with my body language, and my communication.

David can talk for hours and hours, simple topics, but he will make it interesting, and funny, and ballsy and the women would love it, and want more. They would compete for attention when David would talk to another woman nearby. I think the whole city knows him, because we would walk into shoe stores, and the women would come out of nowhere and hug him, and greet him. When a women was with him, you can see how other women would peak and look at him.

I learned also how to talk about things without worry about what to say, and just stay in the moments and listen to the women closely. You can read the blog 3 keys to conversation, and I implement that in my daily routine, and it is very powerful.

I learned to do things I loved to do and the women were just attracted to my lifestyle. It’s about creating an attractive lifestyle and being secure about myself and the rest will follow easily. I have to admit that I am not fully 100% secure with myself yet, but I learned to embrace that side of me, not resist against it anymore.


I met a wonderful Polish girl I liked, and we connected well. I didn’t care about getting her number, and what If I ran out of what to say, and what would other people think of me. I was just having fun and talking to her from my world, all relaxed, and chilled and I let everything flow, and later we exchanged numbers, but I didn’t meet her later that day because I met another wonderful women I really liked. As more attractive my lifestyle became, the more choices I had with women. It’s all about lifestyle you live.

That is exactly what happened to me on Sunday. I started to chat up with my host at the restaurant we had our lunch at. Next thing you know the women and I exchange numbers. Later that night I went out with her. When I went to pick her up, I got eyes from all the guys, and girls that work there with her, I saw them all curious and peaking at us. I also noticed that when I was with my date, all the other women begin to check me out.

I had a great date with this beautiful girl; she was intelligent, funny, and caring. Just the type of girl I like. I liked her maturity as well, she was older than me. I developed a great attitude of walking away if the women don’t meet my standards.

I also met some more wonderful women, and I am sorry to say I forgot about them right after I met the one whom I had a great date and connection with on Sunday night.

I hope this story helps or answers some your questions.

By the way, while I am writing this story, I called up one woman who gave me her number while I was at work yesterday. She just asked me to come over to her place to watch a chick flick with her, but I had to reject the offer because I was tired from work, didn’t feel like driving to her place, and I really wanted to post this story for everyone here. I haven’t told this story to David yet. So David I know you will like this one and be proud me.

I never saw any success in my life like this, and I feel more confident daily basis. I use no tricks to meet women anymore. I am not into playing games with anyone. I am more authentic, bold and finally having fun. I encourage everyone to take a boot camp with David. You will learn a lot with him. Most importantly you will see it all live and get lots of feedback. This guy is really what he says he is. You will love him.