Do you really understand what generosity is?

In my ten years of coaching men – and living in both Los Angeles and New York – I’ve met a lot of “generous” people. I put that in quotations because these are really people who just thought that they were being generous.

I’ve met a lot of men that have bought women things; they’ve taken them on trips and bought them homes. I always disagreed with what they did, because it was clear to me that they weren’t being generous with their heart – they were being generous with their money so they could get laid.

These guys were basically being generous only because they wanted something in return. They weren’t just giving a woman a new car, buying her dinner, or taking her on vacation with no expectations – purely out of the love that they have for themselves as a person.

They did it because they wanted that woman to want them – to desire them. They were buying love, and they weren’t being authentically generous with their hearts.

Generously giving a gift to somebody means that you expect nothing in return. By doing this, you are essentially communicating with the universe, and by expecting nothing, you’ll get back everything.

Every single time you give somebody money or a gift and you expect nothing back from them, it’s crazy how that money or energy you just gave will appear back in your life almost like magic.

It’s not really magic – it’s just the way that things work!

So when you give somebody something, are you really being generous? Or are you offering something with expectations attached?

Every time you give your lover a gift, are you doing it to get something from them? Or are you doing it only because you love them?

Are you a man that has given gifts to women in the past? Perhaps you’ve bought a woman a car, or paid her rent before. Were you doing it out of the generosity of your heart, or were you doing it because you expected something in return? Like sex, or an emotional connection?

In life, when you are truly generous, you will never expect anything back, and you will end up getting everything you ever wanted.

I want you all to ponder that for a little while.

I’ve seen complete and utter generosity from people, and there is a huge difference. That difference is what makes your life either spectacular or a life that is based on your needs.

Wouldn’t you rather live a life that is based on the power of giving and receiving?