You know what’s funny? There are so many terms that we use in life that are just interesting.

“I’m going to run the dishwater.” I’d love to see you run the dishwasher. You take it out of its casing, you strap it on your back and you take it for a run. I mean there are just so many things.

Another term that I love is when people say they’ve got to “put the baby down.” That, to me, is really funny. You’re going to put the baby down? How come?

When you bring your dog in, and the vet says that you need to put her down, it’s because she is very sick and you are going to put her out of her misery.

People will use that same term when it comes to their child – “I’ve got to put the baby down.” We use some really funny things in life. You don’t ever want to put your baby down. Maybe to sleep, but not down. But then again, we also put the dog to sleep. But the dog isn’t really going to sleep, the dog is actually being put down.

We have so many weird phrases that we use. “I’m going to run the red light.” No, you’re driving through the red light. You’re not running it.

How about when people say “Let’s go for a brisk walk.” Brisk is when it’s cold. You can only really go for a brisk walk when it’s actually really cold out there.

Any other weird things that you guys can think of today? Also, how do I turn this into a dating topic, because of course all of you always want to know how we can turn every blog into dating.

Don’t worry, I will do it very easily. When you run out of conversation on a date, you can look at them and say, “Man, I read this really funny blog today about weird things that we say — like taking a brisk walk and running the dishwasher.” Then just allow the conversation to roll from there.