I have a real treat for you today. Last week I was interviewed for The Ivy League Love Academy in a one-hour special podcast. In this hour I spilled everything!

I talked about everything from how to find men who aren’t scared to commit, right through to sex and masturbation. It was an hour jammed full of some great dating and relationship advice, and on the night women were literally raving about how life changing what they’d heard was. Did you hear it?

If you didn’t then don’t despair!

You know I wouldn’t let my amazing readers go without. So, after some gentle persuasion I managed to get a copy of the COMPLETE podcast, live and uncut, for you to listen to right here on the blog. So without further or do, pour yourself a glass of something sweet (or a coffee if you’re that way inclined)put your feet up, and let me uncover some of my biggest dating and relationship secrets in this great podcast!