Ok, so now we’ve got over our fear of approaching girls, (And if you haven’t you should go HERE) and now we can go and talk to them without feeling like we’re about to jump out of a moving train, how do we flirt with them? How do you flirt with girls without looking desperate, or like you’ve never spoken to a woman in your life?

The key is turning on your sexual energy. That’s right, it’s about realizing you’re a man, you have a penis, and that women desire you. It’s about having the mentality that you’re the gift, and that you’re going to meet someone amazing. Whenever I ask women what they find attractive in a man, I can almost gaurantee they’ll mention a nice smile and a twinkle in the eye.

It isn’t just confidence women are attracted to. It’s a smile. It’s a twinkle. It’s a little look of mischief that tells them you’re open, fun, and sexual. It shows you’re in control. You’re not afraid. You’re a leader, and as you know that’s what women want. If you approach a girl with fear, or desperation because you’re so eager to get a result, she can sense it. Women can smell fear on you a mile away. Flirting with girls can be as simple as saying hello, giving a smile, and making a simple comment about something she’s doing.

Flirting with a girl doesn’t mean going over looking all apologetic for being there. So many guys walk over to women like they’re naughty school boys that did something wrong. Now they’re about to go to the headteacher and get told off. Stop worrying. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t respond. It’s not your fault. Don’t take it personally. Maybe her cat died this morning and she’s in a bad mood.

Give her a smile and a twinkle and you’ll brighten her day. Will you get her phone number? Maybe not. Will she fall at your feet and bed to be your girlfriend? Probably not. But I gaurantee you’ll get a much better response from women than you do now, and talking to women won’t feel like such a major effort. It will start to feel fun!

Imagine that! Talking to women can actually be fun!

So in the video below, I talk about how to turn on your sexual energy, and I reveal the power of “yummy.” It’s a simple mindset switch but one that can make a massive difference to the way you feel about yourself and attracting women. Enjoy!