Do you want to know if you’re dating Mr. Right or Mr. Unavailable?

Do you desire to find love in a relationship?

Well here are five red flags that will literally get you to break up with somebody instantly if they’re wrong.

Red flags.

I want to share a story with you about Mr. Big Promise. I’ve spoken about him many times before.

Mr. Big Promise is a man who comes at you 100 miles an hour.

He says all the right things.

When you go out with him on a date he’s so engaged. He listens to every word you say and he makes one big promise after the next.

Over the next 30 days he starts to show you who he really is. Because Mr. Big Promise can’t come through with any of the things he promises.

Mr. Big Promise gets off on the romance. Mr. Big Promise gets off on connecting with you, but Mr. Big Promise can’t come through on anything.

He gets lazy really fast in a relationship. And you, with your head still spinning from what happened in the beginning, when Mr. Big Promise came on strong, you’re thinking what went wrong?

Mr. Big Promise starts to make excuses. He tells you why he can’t see you or reasons why he’s busy, or things that are going on in his life. It’s usually work related or kid related. He is full of excuses.

Mr. Big Promise gets comfortable in a relationship so quickly because what he wants is a co-dependent relationship with a woman. He wants a woman who will put up with his shit. And he never works on his own shit.

Mr. Big Promise is one of the major red flags I see every single day that women fall for.

You fall for Mr. Big Promise because you want to be loved. He knows how to trigger your romantic fantasies.

It’s almost like you’re this Disney princess and he’s a prince. But the problem, if you’ve seen Frozen, is that Mr. Big Promise is really not your prince.

He’s more like the fake Prince Hans that Anna fell for.

He came in with big promises, but in reality, he had a whole different agenda. And the agenda was one that only benefited him.

I dated Ms. Big Promise so I

I’ve been with her. And all of a sudden she turns back into the evil stepmother she really is.

That’s why I decided to put together this video for you.

There are five red flags that you can watch out for on a date. And there are checks and balances here that will enable you to run away from Mr. Big Promise, and some of the other men I describe here.

I want all of you to find love, feel love, and be loved. You need to avoid and understand the five red flags.

As soon as you do, you’re going to start meeting quality, relationship minded men.

So I would like you to not only read this post, and watch this video, but please, I want you to share it with your friends.

You will be the hero to your friends. You will be the woman who all your friends thank for sending them this video that alerts them to the dysfunctional men they’ve been dating.

You’ll probably talk about this video in depth when you’re out. You will be thanking me for a long time for showing you how to avoid Mr. Big Promise, and the four other men that I talk about in this video today.