Let’s just say there were 30 people standing in front of you, and you have to choose the one person based on what you felt was super sexy to you. Let’s just say every single person standing in front of you is all dressed exactly the same.

They all have the same clothes.

They all sit next to one another. The hair color was different. The height was different. The body types are different.

But yet they all blended into each other.

There’s that spark we look for when we first meet people. Some people call it chemistry. Some people call it energy. Some people call it sex appeal.

Whatever it might be, wherever you live in the country — in New York, you probably call it charisma.

In Wisconsin, you probably call it chemistry.

And in L.A., you probably call it something like energetic connection from the heart chakra.

But, wherever you might live, it’s something different to all of us.

All of us have been trained, and we’ve all read different things, and we’ve all become different people, so we all feel some type of connection differently.

But the bottom line is what really most attracts you to somebody right when you see them? Immediately, if you think about it, we’re all just judging people immediately.

We’re swiping, and we’re looking at pictures, and we’re evaluating people so quickly. We’re a picture-based world nowadays.

Everything about the way we look at people is based on an instant reaction. That’s the reason why app dating has become so popular.

It’s an instant reaction and hopefully an instant result for people. Yet we are not giving people changes, as we know.

But what is it? What is it that attracts you to somebody instantly? What is that you need to feel, think, or see when you see that person? And imagine there’s 30 people standing there in front of you right now.

All dressed alike, different heights, different color, different hair color, different skin color.

But what is it about that? When you look in someone’s eyes, what are you looking for?

Can’t wait to hear from you L.A. people because I know it’s going to be something absolutely like the train fucking taking a lap around the fucking station.