As I walk the streets, I look around and I say to myself, “if only.”

The term “if only” is so great.

If only

If only men knew the few simple changes that will get them noticed.  Let me ask you a question: Do you spend every day trying to figure out what to say to meet a girl?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out a system. A way to meet women. Thinking about the perfect thing to say.  To me, that’s just so much work. So much work having to constantly think about how to make an approach.  You know there’s something out there that will help you get approached.

It’s dressing well. Women notice when men are well dressed. They notice when you’re wearing something different. They notice when you’re wearing something fitting. They notice when you’ve taken the time to put on a watch or a pair of boots or a jacket. You’ll get noticed when you dress better. That’s what a lot of guys don’t understand.

When I go out, I want to get rid of all blocks possible. If you’re dressed like crap, women will look at you and immediately notice. So no matter how great your opener is, it doesn’t matter because you’re dressed like crap. I’d rather walk into a room, and be well dressed.

What I want you to do is to come up with your own style. It’s going to help you get past a lot of the blocks. If you think about it, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it. If you’re dressed really cool and you look good, she’s going to be receptive to you. She’s going to feel like you have it going on. That’s the key, to look like you actually have it going on and you’re not a disheveled mess.

Check out today’s video. There’s a simple fashion tip that I’m going to give you that will get you noticed. There’s a simple fashion tip in this video that will get rid of the resistance that you may be feeling. Amazing when we’re at a boot camp and we redress a guy and there’s a complete change in the way women look at him. Check this out today.