Do you remember the man on the moon?

How would you like to meet a man that makes you fall head over heels in love with you during a full moon?

I remember when I was a little kid.

We believed in falling in love.

As a matter of fact, we believed in a lot of things.

We believed in princes and princesses.

We believed that our parents were some kind of super heroes. As a matter of fact, we believed in super heroes!

And falling in love was amazing.

Falling in love was the most powerful thing.

When I was on a recent trip out in Montauk, there was this beautiful yellow moon, and it made me think about what falling in love is all about.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a hopeless romantic, or a hopeful romantic. The term hopeless sounds terrible.

Telling somebody you’re a hopeless romantic is like telling someone that you don’t believe romance exists. As a matter of fact, ‘hopeless’ is a term that doesn’t have anything empowering about it.

Falling in love is beautiful. Everything about it is amazing. Everything about it is precious.

Today, we’re going to come up with a wish and you’re going to watch this video. But before you do:

I want you to right down your wish right now. What do you wish for? Write it down.

Write it down and I want you to put it on your desk and look at it every single day. What do you wish for… (don’t hold back make it big)?

Now you’re going to see the moon. You’re going to watch this video, and you’re going to check out why falling in love is so easy when you have this wish.