youre beautiful“You’re so spectacular. Wow, you look absolutely stunning and beautiful in that picture. I can’t believe you were able to get so many things done today. Oh my god, you wear that dress so well. Why didn’t she invite me to that party? Where can I find men like you wrote about in that quote?”

It’s all nothing but validation and confirmation. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about women’s Facebook pages. They’re unbelievable to look at. I’ve written about this before, but I feel I need to write about it again to shake you a little bit. I want you to realize that in this day and age, you need to start validating yourself.

Sometimes I look through Facebook just to take a peek at some of my friends, and I swear, all I ever see is women who changed their profile picture again. Then five of their friends telling them how beautiful they look, and that they wish they could get together and see each other. Then these women throw out quotes from some yoga person. How many women are out there doing yoga training, and yoga teacher training courses in Los Angeles, because they need to find themselves?

Whenever you meet a woman that’s doing yoga teacher training, you may as well say, “Here’s a confused, lost soul who wants to feel connecting to something.”

I’m not making fun of any of that, but in Los Angeles there’s a million yoga girls who want to be yoga teachers. The fact of the matter is they don’t really want to be a yoga teacher. They just want to find themselves again, and that’s where Facebook comes in. Posting crazy, ridiculous things, non-stop about where they are, how many rolls of toilet paper they brought, how many things they achieved today, and all the people they met along the way. It’s crazy. Who cares?

Seriously, Who Cares About Facebook?

Why do you need so much validation and confirmation from so many different people?

I’m friends with this girl, and she’ll tell me, “I posted a video on Facebook today and I’ve got 75 likes. Everyone likes my stuff.”

Meanwhile, she can barely support herself, pay her bills, or pay for dinner when we go out. At least she has lots of likes on Facebook.

You’re validation junkies. Take that energy, and channel it into something worthwhile. Create something around that energy. Create something longer than a post on Facebook. Create something your ego doesn’t need, and something that will actually benefit other people. Stop posting the stupid videos. A friend of mine posted a video the other day of her drinking a smoothie!

A fu#’ing smoothie!

It was the most stupid thing in the entire world, yet she was so proud of it because she had 85 likes. There are 85 other people equally as bored with life that they watched the video from start to finish, and liked it. They liked it because they had no other form of entertainment in their disconnected world. Take that creative energy, and validate yourself. Like yourself. Enjoy yourself. Stop looking for outside sources of validation. It’s funny, when a woman posts a stunning picture, and a completely strange guy posts, “Wow, you’re hot” the woman gets creeped out, yet one of her Facebook friends says it she feels great. She feels great, even if she never sees this person. We live in a very weird world now!

We’re so disconnected. We’re look for so much validation from outside sources. In fact, maybe I should write this on Facebook right now, “I just dictated a blog all about you validation junkies on Facebook. Do you like it or not?”

Facebook is great when you’ve got something interesting to update, like you just came home from a wonderful vacation, but do we really need to know you had an argument today with someone at the ATM machine because they didn’t know how to use it’?

Do we really need to see videos of you singing and dancing so you get likes? Do you dance for a career? Do something productive rather than entertaining a bunch of people sitting in their office cubicle bored out their mind with life. These people are so bored they check their social media all day because they don’t like what they’re doing. They don’t like their life so they allow Facebook to be their distraction. “You know what, work isn’t all that bad because I have Facebook to entertain me.”

That’s all it is, entertainment. I’d rather take my creative energy and be successful. Allow others to learn from you, rather than just entertaining them. You don’t need the validation of strangers. Think about this before you post your next self-absorbed, like inducing, Facebook status!