How many of you feel like your sex life is perpetually on the right lane of the freeway? How many of you feel like when everyone else is using the Fast Pass, you’re still searching for dimes and nickels to make it through the toll line?

We live in a very sexually repressed society. There are couples who have been together for three years that don’t have sex even once a month. There are men that are such chronic masturbaters that when they do have sex, they can’t even achieve orgasm because they’ve played with themselves too much. There are woman that take their panties off at night and find cobwebs down there.

Sex is natural. Sex is fun. Justin Timberlake speaks about getting his “SexyBack.” That’s easy if you’ve been having sex with Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. But what about the average guy and average girl living in middle America? How do they get their “SexyBack?”

1. Make a list of all the things you want to experience sexually.

2. Start interviewing for a booty call. I don’t care if you find them on, on, or at your local pub…but if you’ve not had sex for a long time and you feel like you’re missing the sexual splurge in your life, then you need to give yourself permission to have a booty call.

Hell, if you’re a guy and while you’re on the Internet a woman responds to you late at night, she is not responding to talk about Obama’s political campaign. They’re interviewing you for a booty call. If you’re a woman and you’re looking for some action, then all you have to do is tell guys you’re looking for a fling…you’ll have about 7000 applications in by midnight!

For those of you that are disease phobic, wear a condom. Don’t make that an excuse. There are plenty of ways to have safe sex. For those of you who have forgotten what sex is like, I suggest reading a good book on Tantra. The best way to have a second sexual encounter is to be totally aware of what your partner’s needs are so that they will want to see you again.